dogs and baseball

I helped my sister out today getting ready for my sister’s communion tomorrow. It wiped me out and I have been trying to nap unsuccessfully. I think I did finally snooze out only to get rudely awakened by the neighbor’s dog whose bark sounds like he has bronchitis. I hate this dog, but then I hate all dogs who bark loudly and obnoxiously. I am definitely not a dog person. But I can stand to be around them. I have dogsitted a few times in my life.

Right now it is just eight o’clock. My allergies are going beserk. I have not stopped sneezing but I feel like I am going to throw up because of post nasal drip. My foot has decided to turn bitter cold which means when it warms up I will be shrieking like a fool because it will be hot as hell. The pain will soon start because it is cold so would like to take meds but I don’t know if I can hold them down because I am so nauseous.

I would like to watch the baseball game but I am so tired I don’t think I will make it through the first inning. This will be the first baseball game of the season that I will be missing. I might hear it on the radio. I have not decided yet. It all depends if this nausea goes away and I can take my pain pills and meds. The hockey game is also playing tonight. Bruins and Toronto. I am not a hockey person. All I know about hockey is that you have to put the puck in the net. That is all! I don’t know the rules, the positions, na-da. Well, I know one position, the goalie, but then who doesn’t know that! I am a 100% baseball person. I might not know all the rules but I know how the game is played. I still have no idea what the numbers are for the positions. I don’t really care. Shortstop to 2nd to 1st for a double play is all I care about.

I hope my boys do well tonight. I know that I am probably not going to be able to really sleep without checking the score now and again. I tried last night to not watch the slaughter but I still kept tabs to find the final score was 7-0. I just turned on the game and it is already 1-0 Rangers. UGH!! I am trying to have confidence in Lackey but it is hard to do. UGH and it sounds like Lou Merloni is in the booth with Joe Castiglione. I cannot stand Lou. He over analyzes. And I hate it when announcers over analyze. Guess that is all for now as I can’t concentrate with the game on :-)