Darkness Always Wins, The Book

Darkness Always Wins, the BOOK

I have submitted my book for publishing and I just got word that it’s been approved. Now I just need to look at the proof before I officially send it off to Kindle and Amazon. I am so excited and I have to wait till Friday for the proof. The wait is going to kill me!

The book is about short stories about mental illness. It’s mostly my second memoir as it deals with my psychotic episodes and depressions. The only thing I don’t like so far is that the printing process shrunk my book to a mere 64 pages, least that is what I saw on the digital PDF they gave me. Everything looks good but I want to look at it physically before I approve it. I really don’t want to have blank pages here and there like my first book had. The process was much simpler the second go round though. I was pleased.

My day has been up and down. My groceries came and there was no room in the fridge for the stuff I bought. I had to make space where there was none. I am thinking of ordering a burger tonight for dinner, though I really want roast beef from Kelly’s. It’s too cold out to go back out again. The sun went down and so has the temperature. I was going to get a burrito for dinner but in the excitement of getting the email that my book was approved for printing, I dropped everything and came home. I was at Starbucks writing a letter to a friend when the email came in. I am still drinking my coffee.

I emailed my psychiatrist that my book is soon to be published. I will email her the link when I have approved everything. I am so damn excited. I didn’t think it would be this fast. Last time it took a few days to complete the processing and I hesitated to publish because it was so personal. This book isn’t quite as personal or intimate. It was really fun to write. I just wish I had more time to work on it some more so it was longer. But I am stumped and can’t think of what to write anymore and I am tired of seeing it on my desk drive.

Tomorrow I will be going out to see some friends. We are going out for dinner. I can’t wait to see them again. It will be a celebration. I plan on going to the station early so I can have a big mac from Mcdonalds. I have been craving it for so long. I will have it in the early afternoon so I don’t spoil my dinner appetite. I think we are going to Olive Garden. I love that place. It’s good food.

I need to take a shower tonight. My ankle isn’t going to like it but it needs to be done. I haven’t showered since my birthday. I got to call the dentist tomorrow for my tooth. I still haven’t gotten my cavity fixed. It’s not like I am looking forward to it but it needs to be done as well. I meant to call today and forgot. I usually remember when they are closed, like now. Always the way with me.

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