Saturday Blog 2 Sept 2017

Saturday Blog 2 Sept 2017

I’ve had an exhausting day. I woke up at noon after having some difficulty sleeping. I went to bed around 0230 only to wake up 45 mins later coughing because my throat was dry. It didn’t subside despite drinking some powerade so I took some Nyquil. That shit knocked me out and when I woke up, I was hungover. I was really groggy but I wasn’t in pain. I decided to chance going to the Square to get my haircut and do a little shopping. I want to make cookies but we are low on eggs, again. The recipe calls for 4 so I figured getting 4 dozen would be good for my mother and my baking needs. We go through a lot of eggs. I also wanted to get some more turkey breast.

I checked the bus schedule and it wasn’t coming for about 45 mins. I charged my phone as I had it off the charger all night and it was about 40 %. I was still contemplating going as I felt so crappy. But figured having espresso and being out might be good. I haven’t really left the house since Monday for my therapy appt.

I got to the barber’s shop and had to wait as my barber was with someone. I go to the same person every time because I like the way he cuts my hair. We chatted as he cut. I told him I would be changing my name to G and he was excited that I was moving forward on my transition. After the cut, I went to Starbucks and had my espresso and a sandwich. The girl I like was there and she gave me the sandwich. I totally forgot I ordered it so I looked at her blankly when I saw my name on the wrapper. After I ate and had some of my drink, I wrote in my journal for a bit. Then headed to the grocery store to get my things. Their deli counter people are not the friendliest of the bunch. After he finished slicing my order and put a sticker on it, he was talking to someone and I had to wait at least 5 mins for him to give it to me. WTF. Then the same thing happened when I got another deli meat. They really need a crash course in customer service.

The eggs were heavier than I expected. I bought the 4 dozen. I was really careful with carrying them as I am a klutz. Between the weight of the eggs and my bag on my shoulder, I was winded by the time I got home. I am feeling better now but I hate when I wheeze after walking or doing stairs. Just reminds me how out of shape I am and I don’t like it. There really isn’t much I can do about it as I have a bum ankle that doesn’t take me far. The pain crept up as I got home. It’s manageable right now but I know I will need some meds in about an hour when my next dose is. I hope my pain doesn’t flare up. I told my barber I would drop off some cookies to him on Tuesday. I’m not sure if I will make them tomorrow or Monday but I will make them. I don’t want the lemons to go bad or the sour cream.

I need to shower to get the excess hair off my head. Otherwise, I’ll have hair clippings on my sheets and I hate that. I am tired though after all is done. My mother made my favorite dinner, spaghetti with a meat sauce. I thought it was my sauce but she had left over ground beef and cooked it then threw it in the sauce she made the other day. It was good but salty. My mother never thinks so but it was. I never season the beef when I know I will be putting it in something else that has salt in it but my mother doesn’t cook that way.

I think when I shower, I will use my new shower gel. It’s a pear and tree tea or tea tree scented. It is relaxing. Someone at the hospital had it and the shower smelled so nice after being used that I bought it when I got out. I really like it. I normally just use soap but now that winter is coming, I need to use a moisturizing soap as my skin gets really dry and I hate using lotion. There is one lotion I like that isn’t as bad as the others but my leg is sensitive so I need something light. Sometimes it is okay to use on my leg and other times, no way, Jose. Well, pain is creeping up so it’s now or never…

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