new baby and other things

new baby and other things

No I didn’t have a baby baby. I got a new laptop delivered today and it is kind of weird getting used to it. I just tried installing drivers for my printer and that didn’t work. I had problems with it the first time and just remembered why. I have to inactivate my anti-virus software, which I got to learn how to do as the left click doesn’t seem to be working. I am already frustrated with this as I stupidly downloaded some update driver thing and now I can’t find control or programs to uninstall it. I am sure I will get used to it as time goes on. I also do not have Microsoft Office 2016 but office something else. Doesn’t matter because my next pay period I will get MO 2016.

I had a horrible time trying to sleep. According to my phone, I slept around 0420 and then woke up around 1030. I honestly don’t remember when I fell asleep so I am going by my phone. I did chat with someone on twitter about pain. We have been chatting throughout the day. I am glad I have another fellow pain sufferer to commiserate with.

Last night in my struggles for sleep, I tried to apply for food stamps. It was annoying because I kept on getting the same pages but not the page I needed. I was finally able to get it on my Kindle rather than my phone. I have been putting this off but seeing as I won’t be able to get groceries this month, I think it might be good. I printed off the papers I needed on my old laptop as my new one hadn’t come in yet. I had no idea it was going to be delivered today as Dell never emailed me that it was shipped. I am lucky no one stole my CD Rom as that was on my porch when I checked for mail. My mother had something stolen off the porch the week before Thanksgiving so I am more vigilant about getting mail and stuff.

I am getting sleepy so I might have a cup of tea. I really haven’t had much to drink today, aside from a 12 oz soda. I just haven’t been thirsty. Though that doesn’t affect my bladder. I will drink if I think about it, but it creates more problems with my bladder when I do. Just sucks because of my nerve injury.

The brace clinic called me this afternoon. They were totally kind of confused about my name. HAHA. They had some cancellations and wanted to know if I could come in earlier. I said sure. So I will be going in around 1600. I fucking hope they can do something for me. I will be pretty upset if they can’t or if they say, nothing is wrong with me. I have cancelled my therapy and PT appt just so I wouldn’t be stressed but that doesn’t mean anything. I am getting to how I was before I went into the hospital. Last night I was thinking about going back. I was so tempted to get the nearest sharp object and cut my bones out. I didn’t care about whatever damage I caused in the process. I am just very tired of being in pain and dealing with depression. I feel bad for my mother because she hasn’t left the house since her fall on Thanksgiving. I really hope she tries to go out soon but she is stubborn so I doubt it.

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