goal for the week completed

Goal for the week completed

I’ve had a rough day. I woke up a few hours after I fell asleep at bloody 0430. I was in pain so took some pain meds. I wanted to eat and I think I had a pop tart. It’s all a blur now. I went back to my room and took an Ativan to get back to sleep. Then I started reading Harry Potter. I read until I got sleepy. I must have tossed and turned while I slept because when I woke up, my body pillow which was under the sheets, were now on top of them. I only woke up because my damn mother called. Pissed me off. I got up about a half hour later and the bitch was clapping! I just walked away, not saying a word. I had another pop tart. I wanted to make pancakes but I didn’t have the energy.

I went back to my room and wrote to my support group. My pain was unreal and I just wanted to cut off my foot. I told them how my mother is insensitive to my sleeping. She just thinks that you should be up at 7 and then watch tv all day. She cleaned up the kitchen as I noticed my mugs were missing. I am too angry at her to find out where she put them.

I finished the rest of Harry Potter. I feel like I accomplished something this week. My next book will be 1984. I hope I can read it by the end of the month. I might start it tonight after I take my night meds. I am in one shitty mood. I can’t stand being in pain anymore. I missed the ball game today. I could have turned it on while I was reading but I can’t listen and read at the same time. I don’t know what the score was but we won. One of my favorite outfielders, Jackie Bradley, Jr. Had himself game. I feel bad that I missed it what he did. I’ll try and listen tomorrow.

I feel like shit and just want to sleep. I’ll be taking my night meds after I finish writing this. I hope that I sleep through the night, though I don’t have hopes for sleeping past 0600. That hasn’t happen in a week now. Maybe tomorrow I will shower. I was hoping to do that today but I am too tired. I don’t think my foot would like it anyway. It was warm today as my mother had the back door open. I was shocked. She never opens it when the heat is on.

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