anxiety is building

Anxiety is building

There are just four days until I have surgery. I have made lists of things and plan on filling my med box before I go in as I want to have them filled when I come home as I don’t know what state I will be in. still planning on locking away meds as needed. I just got to find or remember where I put the med box. I still don’t know if I will be seeing my therapist this week. Everything seems to be on hold. I don’t know if I will see my psychopharm either. I haven’t heard anything from her office but I am guessing it is the same. If I have a virtual appointment with one, I am going to cancel the other. I don’t want to expose myself while traveling into Boston.

I just lounged around my room today. I showered and then did my meds so I could take them. I made something to eat, boiled eggs and that was all I had to eat today. I just am not very hungry. I got a phone call from the ride saying they will pick me up around noon so I will have to be ready by then. I have no papers to bring with me. I just have my PCP’s card and I think that is all I will need. I tried getting the fax number from my therapist but she might not be in the office. I just have the cell phone number and hope it will be enough if they need to speak to her. I probably will need to fill out a consent form when I am back in the office.

I got word from my urologist that I don’t have an infection and she wants to have an e-visit with me. I never had one so I told her to tell me what to do. I was expecting to hear back today but doesn’t look like it now. Maybe tomorrow.

any thoughts?

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