Update hosp

I am so livid!!!! Asswipe have transferred me to the crummy hosp I was in in July. If I get the same treatment team, I am signing a 3 day. Fuck this shit. 

Med screw up. Night meds are day meds. My mood stabilizer they only have at night, not morning. And my hormone pill hasn’t been approved by pharmacy yet. If I get my menses over a missed dose, there will be hell. I didn’t bring the proper attire for that shit. Ugh. I am not fucking happy. 

Back is fricken hurting from the beds. I might as well be sleeping on concrete. I did get some sleep so that was good. Not doing shit today. I’m too sleepy and want to just be alone. 

My name is a fucking issue. I legally changed my name and they are refusing to change it in the system. WTF. I told them I changed it last week but no avail. I will be giving them the insurance card I just received. Maybe that will do something. 

This hosp wasn’t planned so I am out of sorts. My psych is hopeful they can help me. I seriously doubt it if I get Bonnie and Clyde. I told them which doc/team I wanted. And that Bonnie and Clyde are asswipe.

I got a single again. Transgender has its perks. Sucky part is they know I have trouble walking so they put me farthest from the nurse’s station. They always do this. Assholes. They had to dump my water bottles because they were open. Ugh. Wasn’t happy about that either! But the water cooler water is decent so I’ll have water. I brought a cup with me to I would use less Styrofoam. They also have enhanced water which is flavored but no calories. I really like it.

I won’t find out who my team is until rounds, which will be in a few hours. I probably won’t see anyone until the afternoon so I can sleep this morning. I was up for close to 20 hours yesterday. Hope it doesn’t cause a hypomanic episode. I’m still mad they screwed up my mood stabilizer. Everything is in the damn computer because everything is linked. Fucker. I’ll get it straight when I see the doc. 

When I was signing in to a voluntary admission, I was tempted to not sign until I knew who my treatment team was. I don’t know if I do have to sign a 3 day if today will count. The rules surrounding that are weird. If I sign and have to stay the weekend, I’ll be pissed. Please send good vibes that I get the team I want.