Useful Books

Books that I find helpful:

Jobes, David. A. (2006). Managing suicidal risk: A collaborative approach. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Jamison, Kay. Redfield. (1993). Touched With Fire. New York: Free Press Paperbacks.

Jamison, Kay. Redfield. Night Falls Fast

Quinnett, Paul. G. (1987). Suicide: The forever decision. New York, NY: Continuum. Free copy in the link

Thomas Joiner, Why people die by suicide

Jamison, Kay Redfield Unquiet Mind

Building a therapeutic Alliance with a suicidal person, David Jobes and Konrad Michel.

A perilous calling. Michael Sussman

Suicide as Psychache. Edwin Shneidman

The Suicidal Mind. Edwin Shneidman

The Essential papers of suicide, Mark Goldblatt and Terry Maltsberger

Noonday Demon, Andrew Solomon


any thoughts?

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