Just pain rambling some more on flares

I have had pain med change in July on the lowest possible dose that won’t affect the 90 MME (US has this stupid rule that you can’t go over this amount or if indicated, MD has to file documentation that pt needs it). My flares are worse in winter (everyone’s is) but I really have to be careful about taking my breakthrough meds. I don’t know how to get the docs to see that this new regimen, though works when not flared. Is not working when flared and I am often left on my own (aren’t we all). I want 1 of two things either an increase in ER dose or increase in BT meds per 12 hr. 1 pill per 12 hr doesn’t help me. I really don’t want to fight anymore but I feel that unless I threaten suicide I am not heard. I have had three nights now because temps have been below 10 degrees (-12C). February is usually the coldest month in Boston. I won’t be able to take it. I don’t know what to do anymore. My pcp is a *ick and my pain doc thinks I take up exam room space. Now I will be starting PT again which always stresses me out. Just rambling.

20 thoughts on “Just pain rambling some more on flares

  1. Also I think we are connected under my Carol and Johnson account are use that one sometimes two and it says you are my friend there as well just in case you’re wondering who that is it’s me


  2. I think you have an old account for me, I don’t see you listed on my friends, I have two accounts but the one you have is the old one if you search for me again you see the other one it has no picture I didn’t get a message from you that’s why am thinking you’re on my old account


  3. Thanks, are you my friend on Facebook? I’m using my own legal name now a new account surely Healey are you friends with me on there if not I can add you if you tell me what your name is on there


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