Gender Dysphoria

I am having a hard time right now. My brain is playing games with me. My stupid female breasts are hurting me a lot tonight. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was going to have my menses soon. The weigh so heavy for some reason Maybe it is because of the pain.

I vant decide if I am male or female. I know I am a male but all my body parts are female. I am so distraught. It is making me tearful. I have no one to talk to that understands. I have one friend on FB that is trans ftm. I only met him because I met his mother through a mutual game we were playing at the time. Weird how things play out.

I know the pain will pass, eventually. I just hate it as it is just a reminder of who I am not.

There is a homeless guy by the Starbucks that I go to. Every time he sees me he misgenders me. Lately he has been calling me “lady”. Screw you pal, now you aren’t getting my extra buck when I have it. I hate my body so much. And having these painful things on my chest doesn’t make me like it any better. I hate being trapped in this shell.

I see the LGBT doc next week. I don’t know how it will go. It will be our 2nd appt. I need a minimum of three before being considered for hormone therapy. So frustrating. Wish I could have top surgery tomorrow and be done with these fuckers that hurt. Like I need more pain in my life. Just hate myself so much right now. I wish I was dead.

Worst Monday ever

I woke up an hour before my alarm went off. I used the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I wanted to go back to bed but I knew if I did, I’d regret it. I laid down but didn’t sleep. My mother called me. She wanted me to go to the bank for her and I said to leave the stuff on the table. I wasn’t feeling too well. My foot hurt so I took some pain meds. Then I got dressed.

Went downstairs and got my mother’s bank stuff. Then I went to the bus stop. It was cold. A storm had been predicted. Just great. I got to Starbucks later than I wanted. I quickly ate my breakfast and then bought some new coffee and a French press. The one I had kept leaking coffee no matter how much pressure I put on the lid. Time for a new one.

I grabbed my things and went to the train. I put my ear buds in and wow the music was loud. I lowered the volume. Should have known it was the start of a migraine. Train came and I went into town. I got to my doc’s office with 2 mins to spare.

I was called in a few mins later. The medical assistant took my vitals. Asked about my pain and then said the doc would be in soon. I finished my espresso and threw it away. Doc came in and told him I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. He had to let the pain doc do something for my pain. I didn’t threaten suicide or anything. He read their notes but didn’t tell me what it said. Then I told him to contact my Neuro to find out what else can be done. He read his note and it said he suspected a superficial fibular nerve injury rather than crps. This was before the bone scan confirmed CRPS. My pcp said he would send him a note. Then he examined me. I told him my leg was swollen. He said it was consistent with the fibular nerve. I wanted to kick him. The poking aggravated my leg and ankle. The top of my foot was already nuts. I told him this half hurt and the other didn’t. I put my shoe back on. He wanted to do a tox screen. I forgot to ask him about CBD oil. Oh well. I left a urine sample and made an appt in a few months.

I got to the Square and just caught the bus. I went to the bank and by the time I got home, my ankle flared up. I took some pain meds and changed to my PJs. Then I made a sandwich. Came back to my room and my head exploded. I felt sick. Took my migraine meds, the zofran, and magnesium. I took the mag because the pain in my leg was causing spasms. Then my foot lit up like a Christmas tree. I was cooked. The barometric pressure was 29.95. Explains the migraine and increase in pain. I’m still trying to get it under control. I feel really sick. Sounds hurt so bad as does light. I’ll be going to bed early.

After I had some Sloppy Joes, I got the mail. The books I ordered came in. One is a medical thriller called the 4th procedure. The other book is called helping the suicidal person. If the migraine is gone tomorrow, I’ll read one.

I don’t ever remember having so much pain in my head and foot/ankle at the same time. The city has already called a snow emergency. There is no school tomorrow. I’m not going anywhere. I feel so miserable. I hope I sleep okay tonight. Sounds like my mother is done watching TV so maybe I can rest now.

Crying and it’s not over spilled milk

I’ve been in severe pain since about 2000. My foot was exploding shortly after 1800. Things just got worse from there. Pain is all over ankle and foot but only half, the outer half. I laid down and then pokers started impaling my foot. I’ve been crying with each burst of intense pain. There is no more meds I can take. Well, I could take gaba. Except I’d have to get up as my bottle is empty. Took the last few pills last night. Fuck. No way I am standing up. Any movement causes more pain.

I read a fun article tonight (being sarcastic). It was about how pain patients can die sudden, unexpected death. It is thought to be a cardiac event in most cases but there is no gross pathology and most coroners state death is accidental overdose, which blames the physician. The author states some good stuff on how docs can protect themselves. I hope I die that way. Unfortunately, my phone nor Kindle can upload the file. Otherwise I’d post it. It is on my Twitter account if you use Twitter.

Pain is just out of control tonight. I was having a low pain day until migraine hit. Then everything went south. I can’t believe how tearful I am. The tears just come out and I don’t hold them back. I hurt too much to stuff them. 

On a good note, I tweeted about buying Cam’s song burning house and she responded to it!! Omg. Made my day. I locked the tweet so it wouldn’t get deleted. Now I love her more. I almost cried about that. Fuck I’m so emotional. 

The L pattern pain is happening now. Bones are hurting. Nerves are on fire. Glob is just horrible. Other than writing, I have no other distraction. Music wouldn’t be good because it would just wake me up and make me think. Just want to die. I sent my psychiatrist the pain article. I hope she reads it. I’m going to ask my PCP to check my cortisol level. It will be important to know. If it is low, I might already be stressed from pain. I was having some palpitations earlier. Now my shin muscles are cramping because the flare is so intense. Fucking hate CRPS. 

Long night of painsomnia

I didn’t get to sleep till 6 am this morning. I had been up 18 hours straight. I was in so much pain last night that I think being over tired just kept me up.

Needless to say, I slept for most of the day. I left my mother a note saying not to call me as I went to bed at 6. My middle sister woke me up at 1130 because she wanted to use my laptop. I got up to use the bathroom and have something to eat. Then went back to bed. My ankle was still hurting me. Soon after I got back to my room, the doorbell rang. It was some idiots inviting us to some event. WTF. I was pissed. They said they were our neighbors but I never saw them before the ten years I’ve been living here. Morons. Go bother someone else. I feel like putting up a sign saying official business only, all others screw. It took me a while to calm down but I did eventually. I slept for another couple of hours before I had to use the bathroom again.

I still don’t have my laptop back. I don’t care as I’ll be going to bed soon. I just took my night meds. I hope I will be able to sleep through the night. I am really tired. I didn’t have supper. I don’t feel like eating. I’m not really hungry. I just want to sleep.

Tomorrow I see my therapist. I really don’t feel like seeing him but it is too late to cancel. In my painsomnia mood, I ordered more stuff from Amazon. I bought some Moleskin notebooks, a regular size one and a pocket. I think I am going to make a pain book with the pocket size one. Just list the time date and what kind of pain I am experiencing. I know I could use my phone, but i like to write things down. My pens are collecting dust because I’m not using them as much. I wrote in my journal a few times a week. I’m hoping the new notebook will get me to write more. I can use different colored pens. I don’t know. I only use black ink for my journal writing. My friend in Canada gave me her work pen. It has blue ink. I’m going to swap it out for black. It is a really nice pen. It has her work number so if I am feeling like a mischief, I can call her. I probably won’t though as she is super busy. I really love this woman, not in a romantic way or anything, even though she is hot. She is my best friend. I leave her a message on FB everyday telling her she is beautiful and I love her. She means a lot to me. Always there for me, no matter what mood I am in. Then we laugh. FB messenger has this voice clip thing I’ve been using more of. It is great because she also leaves me a clip. It is awesome hearing her voice, like getting a phone call without the charges. Haha. She makes me smile. I’ve known her since I’ve had my nerve Injury 17 yrs ago. I will meet her one day, I hope. I always wanted to go up to Canada. I’ve been once but on the East side. She is more west near Vancouver. If I had a car, I’d probably leave and never come back.

Too tired from being in pain

I had a difficult sleep. I woke up every 4 hours or so. I really just slept all day. I was going to write about CRPS today as rare disease awareness but I don’t have the energy. Maybe tomorrow.

I texted my therapist about this flare. I am so full of despair. My heart is breaking. My cousin had a baby and she came up the house. I didn’t want to see her. I was hurting too much to go downstairs. I know the temp is going to drop and there is supposed to be rain tomorrow. Not like CRPS cares. I’ll hurt anyway.

I see the pain doc in two weeks. He better give me something for this or I’ll go insane. I need to sleep through the night not sleep all day.

I haven’t had any coffee today. I think I might make a cup of tea as it is getting late. I bought coffee cake. I had a couple pieces before dinner. It is smaller than I thought it was. I feel bad that I missed the game again today. I canceled my eye appt so I should be able to hear it if it is on the radio. I don’t plan on going out as it is supposed to be rainy and windy.

I hope I sleep tonight. My ankle is throbbing so bad right now and the bones ache. I feel so helpless. I wish there was something I could do to soothe but there isn’t. How can you combat bone pain? Just sucks.