you wrecked my whole world when you came…

you wrecked my whole world when you came

The title is from Luke Combs Hurricane song. I have been listening to it on repeat because he got married yesterday to his long time girlfriend. I am so damn happy for him.

I don’t know what is going on with my stomach but I got the fricken runs for the third day in a row. I have been trying to keep up with Powerade but it has been tough trying to drink. I have been trying to drink every twenty minutes or so but I keep forgetting. I think I got to put a timer on so I can stay hydrated. I really don’t want to go to the ED for dehydration.

I had therapy today. She gave me a list of three things to do before our next appointment this week. I know she is concerned now because she is seeing me twice this week. I am to make a playlist, a puppy/kitten slideshow, and eat chocolate. I don’t have chocolate so I will have to buy some when I go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. My NP has agreed to put me back on sertraline for now. I just hope it doesn’t make me sick. I figure I have at least two months before the nausea/reflux will start. I haven’t told my therapist yet. I will when I see her on Thurs.

After therapy I went to the Square. I stopped in Starbucks for a drink. I got a cloud caramel macchiato. It was so good. Then I went to the butcher shop to get steak and burgers. If I feel up to it, I will make turkey bacon for my burger. I don’t think I have sandwich pickles anymore. I miss having them for the burgers. I will use dill relish instead. Not the same but close to it.

I have been dealing with a low key depression since therapy. I just feel deflated, like all the air has been sucked out of me. Doesn’t help that I keep having anxiety attacks where I feel like I can’t breathe. I have to remember to breathe by taking deep breaths. One of the mental health Twitter accounts I follow showed the box breathing method that my therapist showed me a few weeks ago. I have been using it on and off. It is kind of tricky because you got to hold the inhale and exhale breaths for four seconds. I half want to take an Ativan to calm myself but I don’t want to be medicated during the day.

Sox are off tonight. They lost last night because of my *favorite* pitcher fucked up a pitch to the fugly Aaron Judge. He was so hot last night. He hit two homeruns and got a few more hits. I hate the Skankees so much. They swept us.

I got to find a meditation thing that I like. The last two that I have tried I didn’t like and I know there are thousands so I just got to keep searching. It is so hard though when you are struggling to try and find something because it just gets annoying. I rather listen to music anyway than do meditation.

Saturday Blog 01082020

Saturday Blog 01082020

Rabbits! Rabbits! It’s the first of the month and I am not sure why people say rabbits, I was told once but since forgot. So I am saying it in case it will bring me luck this month. I haven’t done anything today but sleep. I just have been so tired. I slept good last night so I don’t understand why I am so tired. I didn’t eat much today. I just had graham cracker cereal. It is all I really wanted today. I might make a burger. I don’t know yet. I might make turkey bacon instead. I haven’t had it in a while.

I am feeling tired and depressed. I don’t feel like doing much and I am so stressed out about the upcoming surgery. I have been having anxiety attacks all day because of the stress. I feel like I can’t catch my breath. I’ve been clenching my teeth as all of them have been hurting me. I wish there was something I could take for the pain but there isn’t.

I need to shave again. I have decided not to let my beard grow in. I like it when I clean shaven. I just need to trim my mustache. That is the only hard part because I am not skilled in doing it. Hopefully it will come with practice.

I slept all day and I feel like I can go back to sleep. I am trying to stay up for a bit so that I can go to sleep when I take my meds. I feel so disgusting. My stomach is bothering me and not sure why. It has been hurting for the past two days. I know it cannot be because of constipation because my bowels emptied the other day and then I got diarrhea.

Monday I got to call PT and change the appointment to a virtual visit. I really don’t want to go but I got to do something while I am waiting for surgery. I ordered Chinese food because I wanted it. I really don’t feel like cooking.

I got Taylor Swift’s album stuck in my head. I might hear it after I have supper.

a little of this and that

A little of this and that

I have been bordering on the edge of crying all day today. My emotions have been all over the place. I haven’t cried yet but it is there. I am listening to Taylor’s new album, Folklore. It is beautifully crafted. I love all the songs. I can’t believe I haven’t written about this till now. I am a huge Taylor fan (if you been following me for a few years you know this). I didn’t like her album lover as much as I thought I would but this one, blows the socks out of the water. I am so in love with this album. There is no song that I have skipped nor want to. I don’t have a favorite song yet. There are three in the mix, maybe five. I am still learning the names of the songs. It takes me a long time to learn a new album’s names and there are a lot of songs on this album so it is going to take a while.

I had therapy yesterday. My therapist is concerned now that I am not on medication. She feels that eventually she will have to hospitalize me because she fears a deterioration in my mood. I hope this doesn’t happen. She is having a check in with me on Monday to see how I am. Mentally I am not doing well. I know this but I am worried that she is worried.

I had a shit day so far today, literally. I lost control of my bowels this morning. What a fucking mess. I had to shower afterwards. There was no getting around it. I had my mother look at my backside to see if I got everything. Then I had her give me a beach towel so I could shower. My sister was kind enough to yell at me for not emptying the garbage bag in the bathroom. I thought that was nice of her.

I haven’t been keeping up with fluids today and I feel it. I feel so out of sorts its not funny. I am just completely worn out. I went to get my haircut after therapy yesterday. I got a caramel cloud macchiato. It was so good. I miss going there regularly. They have the seating all blocked off. It is sad for the times.

I have been weepy the past three days but I haven’t cried. It is like it is building but I can’t get relief. I am so depressed. I wish I knew why but I don’t. I feel like I am just going to lose it one of these days. I am so tired of being depressed. I am off medication, which is why my therapist is concerned about me. I won’t go back on meds unless I am in worse shape. There really is nothing for me to take. I have been on everything. I might go back on Zoloft if I have to go back on meds. I don’t know what I will do if the voices come back. I don’t know if I want to go back on the Invega. I might switch to something else.

My surgeon’s secretary got back to me today. Surgery is scheduled for the 27th of Aug. Four weeks I will know if this is going to work for me. In the meantime I am still going to get headaches and shit when I do things. I am so tired I think I am going to lay down and hope I can sleep.

another day of excessive heat

Another day of excessive heat, another day in my room

I wish I had energy to go with being cooped up in my room. I might actually get some stuff done but I have no energy. I again didn’t sleep or slept with weird dream of masks, gaming, and social distancing. I dreamt weird things and the dreams seemed to go on forever, like I was stuck in them unable to break free.

I finally got my pain meds from the pharmacy. My brother in law picked it up for me. I am back to being medicated. The barometric pressure hasn’t really been up nor down but the humidity is what has been bringing about pain waves. My ankle has been so sore. It has been alternating with severe pain. I need to wash my face and neck and chest because I have a fricken breakout. I woke up with three zits per side of my next and my chest is just a disaster. I got two under the skin zits that hurt so bad on my face where my beard was. I had to shave it off. I feel cleaner now and less sweaty.

Ankle has started up. I shouldn’t have said anything about it a little while ago. Feels like someone is digging in the side of ankle right at the joint. No matter what position I put it in, it hurts. CRPS is a bastard. So I am trying to write another blog for the second day in a row in wicked bad pain. Yesterday I was able to write without pain and more than 1100 words. My word count right now is 276 so I have some typing to do. I just don’t know if it is worth it. I feel so down with every blow of pain my ankle is giving me. And it isn’t just my ankle. The foot is also hurting. Feels like someone is trying to grab the metatarsal bones out from where they lay and rip them out.

I need a haircut. I wanted to get it done Friday but hell was unleashing so I stayed in. I was really tired that day anyway. Today is Sunday so my barber is off. I will try and get my hair cut tomorrow. Might be a sacrifice to the heat gods. I got another heat advisory warning and nearly died. WTF is it going to cool down??!! I am staying in my room until it is cooler. The house wouldn’t be bad if we had AC but we don’t so it’s murder. I am really struggling to write today because of pain. I just can’t get a clear head. I ended up washing my face and chest because I wanted to put the acne stuff on them. My neck has zits too, which hurt. I hate when they are on nerves. I just want to sleep right now. It is almost med time so I will wait until then to turn in. I have been turning in early the past few nights but it hasn’t helped me sleep better. I just have weird dreams about Covid and masks.

I am hoping to get called from uro to have urodynamic studies done. I called last week but no one returned my call. I also put in a referral for the pain clinic seeing as things are opening. If not then maybe I will get a virtual visit with someone. My ankle has been a real pain lately and if I can get a handle on the pain I can increase my physical activity once this hell has frozen over. I am not leaving my room except to use the bathroom and eat. And shower possibly, which will be the goal tomorrow.