Wake and other things

Wake and other things My foot and ankle were hurting me all day with bone crushing pain. I didn’t think I would be able to go to my uncle’s wake. I tried to rest but it wasn’t happening. My mother still wasn’t feeling well so I made her lunch and then cleaned up afterwards. I […]

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Fare Thee Well

Fare thee well My favorite country music artist, Mary Chapin Carpenter posted a video of this song with her dog Finn. He passed away today. Her dogs are her life as most dogs and cats are. I love this song and she always has an awesome song to go with whatever I am feeling. She […]

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Painful Sunday, too

Painful Sunday too Not having a good day. Woke up with my ankle screaming, particularly my ankle bone. Took some meds and then went downstairs. I brushed my teeth and used the bathroom. Went back up to my room where the pain then spread from the bone down to my pinky toe. I took an […]

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solemn Saturday

Solemn Saturday I woke up before 0500 in pain. I took some pain meds and then set my alarm so I could go to the barber’s early to fix the back of my head. I fell back to sleep and when the alarm sounded. I shut it off but didn’t get up. I slept for […]

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wicked hot hot

Wicked hot hot It’s been awful with the humidity the past few days. Today I had to go out in it for my therapy appointment. I brought a facecloth with me so I could dab at the sweat. I had perspiring but there is nothing I can do about it in warm weather. I woke […]

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