waking up to a painful arm

Waking up to a painful arm

I did a lot yesterday. I made marinara sauce for the first time in a long time. It came out awesome. Even my mother liked it. Today I will have the left over meatballs for lunch. I wanted them for a long time. I didn’t use my arm that much but it still hurts me today despite it. I did my exercises while having coffee and something to eat.

I don’t plan on doing anything today. I got brain fog and am so tired. Therapist is off the next two days so I don’t see her until Wed. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow as well as have PT in the afternoon. I just hope my groceries get delivered before my therapy appointment.

I got the Sox news today and it isn’t good. Former SS Julio Lugo passed away at the age of 45 due to a heart attack and my favorite pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez is signing with the Tigers for a five year deal. I am devastated. I guess I am glad I didn’t buy Eddie’s shirt this weekend. I am truly heartbroken.

Saturday Blog 23102021

Saturday Blog 23102021
Pain and loss

My shoulder kept me up most of the night again. I have been sleepy all day. The pain has now moved to my neck which is annoying me. I put some heat on it and it helped a little bit. I don’t know if I should put heat on my shoulder because it is broken. I just been putting the heating pad around the areas of shoulder but not directly on it. My muscles are really tense and they hurt. I think I need to be in a sling but will wait till Monday when I see the doc. I have had a tough time controlling the pain today. I think the ibuprofen is giving me heartburn so I stopped taking that. Took a few doses of Mylanta to finally get that under control. I finally had something to eat and that seems to make my stomach better. I just had a cup of tea today. I figured the tea would be better than coffee.

I lost the urge to pee. I just get uncomfortable in my bladder that tells me I need to go empty it. I went nearly eight hours because I was trying to sleep. I was hoping the urge would come and it didn’t. I told my pcp this but I guess he isn’t concerned about it because I haven’t heard back from him. I should go to the ED but I don’t want to be there for hours. I don’t have any other symptoms of cauda equina syndrome but I am keeping an eye on things. I don’t have too much back pain today so that is good.

The sox lost the game last night so their season is officially over. I am sad about it. They just couldn’t get a hits together for runs. It was sad as they did so well to end up like this.

I am very tired. I hate waking up in the middle of the night with my shoulder because I have to sit up for a bit for it to calm down. Then I go back to sleep only to have the same thing happen a few hours later. I am running out of my BT meds so I have been rationing them. I can’t call in a refill of them till Wed of next week. I am going to ask for a little bit more this month because I don’t know how long it is going to take for these fractures to heal.

I want another cup of tea but I think I will make it an herbal one rather than black. I am so tired though, I just want to go to sleep. Hope the pain meds I took an hour ago work for my shoulder. I could use some relief from pain. It is making me agitated and hopeless. With baseball season almost over, I can move on to college football. I love watching Ohio State and Nebraska. Can’t wait for tonight’s OSU game.

laid low but didn’t nap

Laid low but didn’t nap

I woke up three times last night with my shoulder hurting me. The first time, I took some pain meds. The second and third time, I just sat up and moved my shoulder around a bit and that helped ease the pain. A couple times I was able to go back to sleep right away and another time, it took me a while to get back to sleep. I got up about a half hour after my med alarm went off. I had my coffee and belVita biscuits. My back was tender but it wasn’t severely painful like it had been all week. I took a tennis ball to it to massage some of the knots and it helped even though it hurt to do it.

For lunch I had made a tuna fish sandwich. It was good. I haven’t had tuna in a long while. After I had the sandwich, I made a cup of coffee. My plan was to have three cups today so I would stay up and listen to the ball game. I am nervous about this game because if the Red Sox don’t win, they go home. It is going to be a nerve wracking game. Just hope my cousin isn’t so negative like he was last night. He really pissed me off. I just hope the bats start hitting tonight or I am gonna have to block my cousin. I can’t stand it when someone says the obvious but it doesn’t happen. That isn’t what baseball is about. I am wearing my Sox LGBT hat with the TG logo pin on it. Hope it brings them luck tonight. I also shaved off my goatee and mustache. I am clean shaven all around. I shaved the sides and back of my head today. I didn’t shower but I plan to tomorrow. I am starting to stink. I also need to shave my armpits as the hair is getting pretty long. It has been a while since I have shaved.

I wanted to go out today to get some half and half but I just got too lazy. I wanted to nap this afternoon but knew if I did, it might mess up my sleep more than it already is. I haven’t been in too much pain today so I have not been taking my BT meds, which is good. My shoulder still throbs but ibuprofen seems to help it along with Excedrin. I think the aspirin and Tylenol combination in Excedrin helps with the inflammation and broken bone pain. I really hope I don’t need surgery. I hope the X-rays that I will have on Monday show some healing in the right direction.

If my shin pain doesn’t stop, I am going to have to take a BT med. It is hurting really bad a 9 out of 10 pain, 10 being the worst. I wish I knew what caused this pain to be set off so I could avoid it. But the neuro and I think it is a spread of the CRPS. I probably have it in my shin bone. I just hope it doesn’t travel up my leg. I hope I have a bowel movement tomorrow. It’s been like 3 or 4 days that I have gone without one. I am starting to feel uncomfortable. I have been taking Miralax, yesterday I took a dose and a half to finish the bottle off and still nothing today. I just worry that when I do go, it will be colon blow time and I will have an accident.

severe back pain sucks

Severe back pain sucks

I woke up early and decided to get some more sleep. I woke up a few hours later and then had coffee. I was feeling fine. The house was cold as the temp dropped. My mother wasn’t home. I had some biscuits with my coffee and while I was eating them, my mother’s phone rang. I went to go pick it up and my back went out on me. Just like that. No warning or anything. I couldn’t move. I sat back down as best as I could. I was having spasms in my lower back. I finished my coffee, threw away the wrapper for the biscuits as gently as I could as I could barely move. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I had to do it. It hurt and I was in pain for most of it. But going up the stairs was pure torture. I had to go one step at a time with leading on my right leg. I couldn’t tolerate any weight on my left side where most of the pain was. I didn’t know if this was going to settle down or not so I quickly took some meds and waited. I got my heating pad and that helped a lot. But within a half hour, I was still in a lot of pain so I rescheduled the CT scan I was supposed to have today.

I tried to lay down but that hurt more than sitting so I just sat with the heating pad on my back. A couple of hours later, I had to empty my bladder. I thought I was ok as I was moving better. I emptied my bladder and then went to the kitchen to make something to eat. I just made a bowl of cereal. As a poured the milk, I got severe spasms across my lower back again and I was hurting. I think I might have done something to my back when I fell. I just don’t know what to do about it. Right now getting the spasms under control is my top priority. I took some Zanaflex when I got back to my room and more pain meds as it was around 4 hours since my last dose.

I called the imaging scheduling office to schedule my MRI. They have an opening tomorrow night at 10 pm (2200!) I took it. The sooner I know what is wrong with my shoulder the better. I am so glad they had an opening. My back should be better by tomorrow. The heating pad is really helping with the spasms. I think the Zanaflex is making me sleepy. Four hours till game time so I could take a nap. I want to have another cup of coffee. I just don’t want to go downstairs again unless I have to use the bathroom.

My favorite pitcher is starting the game tonight. It is anyone’s guess as to how he will be. His last start was good so this start could be terrible. That is how things go with him. I don’t want to say anything because chances are the opposite will happen and then I will feel bad that I said something.

My shoulder has been hurting me most of the day. It woke me up several times during the night. I was lucky that I just had to move it around for the pain to go away. Pain was severe though. I hope the MRI report comes in later this week before I see the surgeon. This will give me some time to research the findings and see what needs to be done, including nothing. I’ll be interested to see if the fracture is healing when they do the x-ray next week.

I am going to try and lay down and see if I can sleep until the game starts. Hopefully moving won’t hurt me.