waking up to a painful arm

Waking up to a painful arm

I did a lot yesterday. I made marinara sauce for the first time in a long time. It came out awesome. Even my mother liked it. Today I will have the left over meatballs for lunch. I wanted them for a long time. I didn’t use my arm that much but it still hurts me today despite it. I did my exercises while having coffee and something to eat.

I don’t plan on doing anything today. I got brain fog and am so tired. Therapist is off the next two days so I don’t see her until Wed. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow as well as have PT in the afternoon. I just hope my groceries get delivered before my therapy appointment.

I got the Sox news today and it isn’t good. Former SS Julio Lugo passed away at the age of 45 due to a heart attack and my favorite pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez is signing with the Tigers for a five year deal. I am devastated. I guess I am glad I didn’t buy Eddie’s shirt this weekend. I am truly heartbroken.

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