chess club and other stuff

Chess club and other stuff

Back in Feb I seen a post or an advertisement for chess club in the town next to mine, right on the town line. I have been meaning to go and when my office got emptied, I found a chess game I could donate. I made contact but it was Sunday afternoons and usually I am waking up around the time the club meets. It has been a real struggle to go but today I finally did go. I donated the chess game and played two games with an Irishman who was here looking for work. He didn’t tell me what kind of work he was looking into but it was something that he has a Master’s degree in. I lost both games, which I knew I was going to. It is extremely hard for me to win and I wasn’t feeling so great. My thinking is off because of the increase in Invega and just being sleep deprived as I woke up at 4 and didn’t go back to sleep until after 6. I slept for a couple of hours before my body said no more though my brain tried to plead for a little more sleep. It was denied so I got up and puttered around to get ready. I had 2 and a half cups of coffee. I would have had three but I just couldn’t finish it. There was an aftertaste I just couldn’t get past.

I sent the therapist a pic of the blog I wrote. I told her I was going to try and go to the chess club later so there will be pictures. I hope she is not going to feel pressured to get a chessboard so I can teach her to play. I am feeling so lousy I really don’t want to be teaching her anything right now. I am starting to get worried that I am headed for a psychotic breakdown. During the night I sent a message to my urologist about my bladder spasming while cathing. I asked to be put on a medication for spasm and she put it through. I got the message when I woke up. She also wants a urine culture. Fuck. I don’t want that. I am not going to do it. Told the therapist this as well.

I sent a message to the NP psychopharm. I told her I was at the 6 mg of Invega for now and then we can lower it after this stressful time passes. I sent a message to my psych but never got a response. I don’t think I will because I am not under her care right now so she can’t do much right now, which sucks. Told her I haven’t been eating much and that some days are just Ensure and Gatorade, if that. Honestly don’t think the new med changes are going to do anything. The Invega might make me hungry when I take it with the gabapentin but those two together are trouble when it comes to hunger. It makes you feel like you’ve never had food before. I hope that doesn’t happen but we’ll see. I also hope the increase in Invega doesn’t give me side effects. I have been feeling dizzy but I think it has been mostly from not eating. But being drowsy isn’t. I am going to take the med tomorrow mid afternoon before I leave for the wake so that it makes me tired and I can sleep when I get home and hopefully not have a hangover the next day as I got to be at the funeral home by 9 am. My foot has swelled up so the next two days are going to be killing me. Figures I would have a flare now. Trying not to get ahead of myself because that isn’t going to help the anxiety.

It’s 5 AM

It’s 5 am

I woke up an hour ago to pee and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I am writing hoping that does the trick. I had posted in my support group for cauda equina about me having to bring my catheter bag with me to the wake and funeral. I really don’t want to but if I need to go, well, I need to go. I can sometimes go on my own but other times, it is a hit or miss, with a miss being I need to cath. I am so nervous about this. I think I am going to call my cousin later this today to let her know just to ease my mind a bit, though her knowing what the bag is for might cause things to be uncomfortable for all. I don’t know. I didn’t think of that scenario. Fucking stupid bladder!

I did what I wanted to do yesterday. I ended up showering Friday night because I just couldn’t take my hair being dirty anymore. Then yesterday when the pharmacy was open, I went and got my meds. I also got some of my favorite cold brew coffee drinks. They were on sale so I didn’t mind spending money on them but forgot to buy the M&Ms peanut candy. Will have to go back today. I want to go to the Chess Club today. I set my alarm and will be taking my morning meds later than I usually take them in case I am able to get back to sleep. I just checked the bus schedule and, oof, the bus doesn’t run frequently on Sundays. I thought I would be able to leave around 1230 as the club starts at 1300. The bus is at 1155 so I will be a half hour early. Which is fine as I want to check out the coffee shop the club hangs out at. I will see if I can borrow ten bucks from my mother as I don’t have much cash on me. Wish I remembered about the club before buying the coffee stuff at the pharmacy. Oh well.

My foot just exploded in pain for whatever reason. There is a storm brewing in the area so that maybe why. I am not sure if it is today or tomorrow. I just know I am hurting now. I don’t think I will be able to go back to sleep now. The psychosis is still there so much to my reluctance, I am going up to 6 mg of Invega to try and stop the psychosis from getting worse. I just got to worry about side effects and cognitive issues as it might interfere with my writing more. It happened when I was in college. God I hated it because I would read the same paragraph at least three times still not knowing what the hell I read. Oddly, I was taking a neuroscience psychology class at the time. When I told the professor I had to withdraw she understood. I was thankful for that.

I guess my dream of coming off the Invega is not going to happen. Seems every time I feel ready enough to stop taking it, shit like this happens. I know it is always a risk when my mood is getting bad or is already bad. Sometimes the psychosis is not congruent with my mood so there is that. I did check my “issues” and seems the NP took off BPD and just left the Persistent Depressive Disorder, which used to be known as Dysthymia. That does fit into what I have better than recurrent major depression. Either way, I do have a depressive disorder and calling it whatever doesn’t change the fact I have it. My skies are always going to be gray no matter what it is called. I am just glad the BPD has been taken off my record. I have certain criteria but I don’t meet enough to have the disorder.

I am going to try and nap for a bit. I got five hours before I need to get ready. Hope to sleep for at least 4 hours. Wish me luck!

depression is getting worse

Depression is getting worse

Wed I was in a bad mood. I had therapy and psychopharm appointments that day. I didn’t want to go to either of them. I had started to lose the will to live and it has continued. Wed I also found out my godmother died. She was 95. I’ve been in a weird mood since she died. Haven’t been eating much so lost more weight. I told the psychopharm about it. She doesn’t seem that concerned. I told her I had lost the will to live. Nothing matters to me anymore. They (therapist and psychopharm) are going to have me see a psychologist in behavioral medicine to help me work on more trusting relationships with medical professionals.

Anyways, therapist wants me writing every day as “self-care”. Today has been the first day I have been alert enough to sit up to write. Been having such a hard time on days that I don’t have anything to do. I just stay in bed all day. She wants to be accountable to writing but I don’t think she understood what I meant. But then, I have no idea what I meant. Things have been so damn difficult and with the Wake and Funeral on Tues it is going to be so damn hard. I am going to have to get dressed up before leaving for therapy as I don’t think there will be time to change and stuff, given the way my energy levels have been like lately. I just got to be careful not to spill nothing on it. The clothes will be loose as I have lost so much weight in the past year. I don’t know if I have a waist 38 pants anymore. Whoo just checked my closet and had two pair of pants that are a size 38. I don’t know how they fit. They are dusty so I got them in the washer now. I am glad I didn’t empty my closet when my sister moved in. I would be without clothes.

I’ve barely slept the past 24 hours. I was up all night worrying about a friend. She had sent me a message saying that she was going to have surgery in the morning. She is in England so when I responded this morning asking how she was, she said she didn’t have it done as there would be no use. The damage will still be there. I feel bad as I know I am going through a similar fate. I need to shower and then pick up my meds tomorrow. Those are the only things I have to do. If I can shower, it will make going to the store better. I don’t know if I will have energy for both. Mood just sucks so bad. I wonder if I will ever care enough to live long enough to buy a suit. I never owned one, not even a sports coat. I was asked to be a pallbearer. And the only reason I wanted to say no was because I didn’t have a suit. I’ve never been a pallbearer before. I am honored to be asked. Just hope I don’t drop the casket. I will be horrified.

painsomnia has returned

Painsomnia has returned

With the depression making me so damn tired, I had escaped for a little while from the pain induced insomnia or just insomnia in general. The temps have dropped considerably (currently in the 20sF) so my pain is beyond measuring right now. I took some extra pain meds and hope that it works and that I don’t have to take more meds. It’s a little after 2 right now. I hope I can sleep by at least 4 or so. The pain is like a slew of nails being shot into my foot and ankle joint. I cannot describe it beyond that right now. It is making me very suicidal but I have no intention to act on it. I don’t have anything to really act with. I gave my container of ginger to the therapist a few weeks ago. The ones that I have, have proved pointless. Either 100 mg of ginger root is not enough to cause a reaction or I really need the real thing like ginger beer or shaved root.

I met with the therapist yesterday. I had to because I was getting worried I might attempt again. Plus the voices have increased because of the stress or god knows what. Think just worrying that I having a repeat of my episode of 1994 where I was in and out of the hospital with intermittent suicide attempts on the side, one that landed me a two month stay. I didn’t become psychotic during that episode. I am really freaking out because if this does develop into a psychotic depression, I don’t have my psych here to help me guide treatment options. The psychopharm (NP and MD) have wanted to increase the antipsychotic I have been taking for a while now but I have been reluctant. I fear that if they have to play with this medication to get me stable again while my mood is out of order, I think I will have no choice but to go back to the hospital. I would feel better with this being done in an inpatient setting because the voices can be tricky to deal with outpatient. Once they start telling me to do stuff, which they are starting to, I have a hard time ignoring them. They are already making fun of me because I failed in killing myself, again. I haven’t been eating anything all week. I have been drinking Ensure and Gatorade just to make sure I don’t completely lose it. I am slowly losing the will to live. I don’t care about food. My favorite holiday is coming up. A very good friend invited me to her house but I have no idea what kind of shape I will be in. My friend is more like my sister from another mother. We are close and we understand each other. We make each other laugh, especially when we get going with our dirty minds. I am trying to remember to eat something every day but when there is no appetite, it is kind of hard. My food stamps just came in so I can go to the grocery store to get some cold cuts or some ingredients to make something but I don’t really know what I want to cook. I started my grocery order list and it’s almost $200 again. It was just $100 with just my drinks and the few things I buy every month. I have no idea what is in it now. I know I put some ice cream and cookies on there. I will probably take them off. If I go to the grocery store, I will get the chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream I like. Least it will be something in my stomach.

Because I was up in the middle of the night, I gave my T shot so I don’t have to worry about giving it before leaving the house. It is going to be hard when I get to sleep because I have to leave early. I have therapy at noon. I sent my psych an email about how the psychosis is starting to get out of hand and that I don’t trust the providers without her guiding me. This is so flipping hard. It’s been four months since I last saw my psych and started seeing the therapist. I can’t call the therapist “my” therapist because I don’t trust it 100% yet. I am still waiting for her to drop me. She wanted me to write something about the benefits of going to partial hospital. I don’t have much to say about it. I haven’t been to a partial program in more than 10 years. I didn’t like it then and I doubt I will like it now. I don’t want to go mostly due to financial concerns as well as having to be a morning person. I also would have to worry about how this is going to affect my pain levels by being out a minimum of eight hours a day.

Going to try this thing called sleep. It’s almost 4 am. I got to be up in four hours. Yay.