Today’s flare up brought to you by taking off a sock

Today’s flare up brought to you by taking off a sock

I was out of the house around 1140. As I was walking to the bus stop, my nephew was coming up the street. He was going to Walgreens. He offered me a ride rather than taking the bus but I said I would wait for the bus. He went and when he came back, I was still waiting for the bus. He really wanted to give me a ride so I took him up on it. It was faster than waiting for the stupid bus.

I went to Starbucks and got an eggnog latte with no nutmeg and a turkey bacon sandwich. The barista added the nutmeg. I was not happy but I drank it anyway. After I was done and wrote for a bit, I decided to go to the bank to make sure my name was right as I had received a letter with my birth name. The said everything was changed over so it might have just been a glitch.

I then went to the Sprint store to change my name. This is the 2nd attempt I made to do this. The first time I called, I was told that I had to change ownership. Then I looked at the website and it said I just needed to bring the legal document to a store and they could change it. I got to the store and the guy was telling me that I needed my changed license to change my name. Are you fucking kidding me?? I was so fucking annoyed. So after I get my name changed at the RMV next week and then get my actual license in about 10 days from then, I will go back to that jerk and have them change my name. What a waste of fucking time.

I had like 3 hours to go before my therapy appt. I rode the trains until it was time for me to get off at the stop to walk to my therapist’s office. It was a good session. I spent a good deal talking about being in the hospital and he wanted to know what was up with my ankle/foot. I explained it best I could and what would happen moving forward, which still looks bleak to me. I was able to move the bone scan to this Thursday. I don’t know how long it takes to interpret the results so I am hoping to have some answers soon or at least know what the treatment is.

Pain wise I was doing okay. On the way home, I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some more Neurontin. Apparently, I still had a bottle from last month that never got used, yet. I’m not worried about it because I am not paying copays at this time so the more I have the better. I plan on getting a refill next month, too, and then I will be set for a few months. I had dinner and then went up to my room. I got undressed to put my PJs on. I took off my socks, and when I took it off on my bad foot, it flared up. So now I am in a LOT of fucking pain because the elastic irritated my foot. I took it off as slow as possible to avoid it but obviously, my ankle/foot didn’t care.

While I was riding the trains, I thought about going back to the hospital, not to torture myself, but to try and see if staying a little longer helps decrease the amount of suicidal feelings I have. I kind of got overloaded last night when I was in a flare and didn’t go to sleep till around 0330. I just wanted to fucking die and started making plans again. Now I am in another damn flare and I want to fucking die. I just used an ice pack on the back of my head and neck to distract me but I am cold so it didn’t stay very long. I got to get up soon to take my night meds. Not looking forward to that.

home and sleepy

Home and sleepy

I got discharged from the hospital today. My sister called me an Uber for a ride home. It was fine. I wasn’t in much pain. I checked my mail before heading up to my room to change. One of my credit cards had changed my name but didn’t issue me a new card. I thought that was weird. I got to call them to find out why. I received my medical records from my PCP’s office so Monday I will be calling the LGBT health center for an appt. Nothing else was of importance. So I headed up to my room. I changed then went back downstairs to put the new screen in my newer laptop. Sadly, I think the connection is bad. The screen lit up but that is all it did. I’ll have to take it to a computer place. I was bummed.

I went back to my room to open some PDFs on gender change forms and the renewal for my license. I tried to change my name on the form but it’s preprinted on there and I can’t change it. I will just bring it with me when I go. I have to have the gender form signed by my doc. I was hoping to copy and paste a letter so it would be easier for my doc to write but I wanted to do that on my other laptop. Now I will have to do it on this old one. I hope I don’t have to buy a new laptop. That will really suck. I wanted to print off the forms but I have no energy for it. I will do it tomorrow.

After surfing the web for a while, I got tired so laid down until my mother called me down for supper. I mashed the potatoes for my mother and then got the dishes ready while she rested as her back was hurting. After we ate, I put the stuff away. My foot started to act up. I still feel pretty tired. I am sure I will sleep good tonight in my own bed, without staff opening and closing my door every 15 minutes.

I am dying to make an egg burrito tomorrow morning. I really didn’t have eggs while I was in the hospital because they were watery. I like making my own eggs. I might have to buy new half and half because it’s a week old and possibly throw away the almond milk, too. Last time I used it after an admission it wasn’t good. Least I don’t have to worry about the ice cream going bad.

Going home tomorrow

Met with my team this morning. We discussed discharge and I will be going home tomorrow because Friday is a holiday. Crummy SW ask if there was something to work on and I was like no. Like seriously, you came back on Monday and haven’t done a thing for me so why are you asking now? Idiot. My sis will be giving me a ride after she gets out of work. It might be a while as traffic could be terrible. 

Pain wise I am hurting. I was in the boot most of the day and took it off on second shift as my ankle bone was smarting. Now my foot is hurting, all three metatarsals. I can’t take anything until it is time for night meds.

I am glad I am going home. I looked at stuff my psych needs to fill out for my gender change for the motor vehicles registration. I also need a letter from her. Once I have it, I can then go to Social security to also change my gender.

I got to get my pain meds when I am out of here. I asked my mother to go through my pile of mail to see if my new insurance cards came for my prescription plan but it didn’t. I’m glad because I won’t be able to change my license for another 2 weeks. 

Pain is a 12 right now. All I did was throw shit out and ankle freezes up. I can’t bear weight at all on it. Staff provided a wheelchair for me to get around. I’m glad I’m in my room. It was getting really warm in the hallway. I still have a window open in my room. I’m glad I didn’t shut it. I’m in a rotten mood.

Tiring day on the unit

I woke up a few time during the night but I slept a solid 3 hours from 6 to around 940 am. I missed breakfast but it wasn’t anything good. I Had cereal. I met with my team and we discussed discharge. The attending is going to talk to my psych to see if it will be ok. I think it will be either Thurs or Fri if she okays it.

My pain was low this morning so I chanced to shower and it wiped me out. I tried staying awake after lunch but it was impossible. After the shower, I also got anxious so I took an Ativan and then inadvertently slept all afternoon. There wasn’t any groups I wanted to attend so it was probably best I slept.

It was very cold today so I had staff shut the window near my bed but kept the other window open. The rest of the unit is fricken hot so I am glad I didn’t shut it.

I got an email from my patient information thing. It said I had new test results. I haven’t had any blood work so I was curious to see what it was. Apparently the system just posted labs from the ED. You will be happy to learn (as well I) that I am not pregnant. I got to get my gender changed. 

I got an email from a researcher saying she wanted to use some excerpts of my blog for her dissertation. I responded but didn’t realize it was the “do not reply WordPress” address. I had to copy and paste a new email. I am such a dork. I am excited about this. I did ask what blogs she would be using so I can get an idea what she is working on.

The baseball world is sad today. One of the greatest pitchers for the Blue Jays died in a plane crash. He was 40. He was retired. I feel for him, his family, and his teammates.

Another frustrating day on the psych unit 

The crummy SW came back. We met for less than 15 mins. No plan on helping me, just go with the flow. Met with psychiatrist who spoke about the anxiety suicidal ideation brings to clinicians. He wants a way to basically stop me from going there but acknowledged that it was basically my go to escape plan. No other plans for getting me out sooner were discussed. I am frustrated. I don’t want to be here but I need a safety net before I can fucking go. Told him I needed to work with my therapist on that, which I cannot do while I am here. I don’t think he got it. No plans for discharge were talked about. Bastard.

Contact person got me a shower chair. I just took some pain meds so in about an hour, I’ll take off my boot, see how my ankle and foot are, then try to shower. Hate that all these steps need to be in place for this activity but that is what it is like living with chronic pain.

I am getting really annoyed every single time I need a pain med the nurse asks me what my pain is. Then asks what will this bring it down to. Um, I don’t know? It could help, stay the same. Get worse because I move it, the pain could change to something else? Fuck. There is so much stigma around the damn pain and pain meds yet if I ask for an Ativan, they don’t ask me what level of anxiety or agitation I’m feeling. What the fuck is the difference? Just shut up and give me my meds!

As you can probably tell, I am very disgruntled, to say the least. I am a bit aggravated and annoyed. I only went to the group therapy group today. It was the only appealing group. I have read some more Harry potter this morning but now I am too discouraged to go back to it. It is the only book I brought with me so I am trying to stretch it out as I don’t know how long I’ll be here. 

I have no idea with the SW asked if I was dating. She always asks weird questions when every admission. Dumbfuck. Like dating would help me when I want to end my pain. Pfffttt. Last time I was here we spent a good amount of time going over my transition, which was not the reason for my admission. So annoying because when it was the reason I went into the hospital, they didn’t want to talk about it at all.

I’ve been having the same contact person nearly every day, which is good because then there is some continuity. I don’t have to go over my story every shift. I might take a nap before I take a shower just to see how my foot/ankle responds to no boot. If it doesn’t explode, that will be good. I could use a low pain day today. It is raining out and the week is going to be cold. But least no snow is in the forecast.