failure so I don’t try

Sad that I am in a lot of pain and in a depressed mood same time as last year when I tried to take my life. I am so suicidal but so fearful of being another failure I don’t try. I have been in pain since 0330 this morning when I woke up with shoulder pain. I stayed up for an hour trying to get it to calm down. I can’t remember if I took a BT med or not. I was in agony.

I have been in a lousy mood all day. My friend pissed me off this morning over a misunderstanding. I am so upset with her that I can’t bring myself to talk to her. Then I had partial hospital which was basically just attending groups. I was uncomfortable throughout as my shoulder was still hurting me causing my neck to feel out of sorts. My hamstring in my left leg was hurting me as well. I just felt like the left side of me was just not going to be happy today. My ankle was bothering me but not as bad as the shoulder pain. I just wanted to sleep but I couldn’t because I had group. By the second group, I had enough. I forced myself to a third group and was in agony and full of piss and vinegar throughout the meeting. I just wanted to lay down. I was bored and the group didn’t hold my interest. I am finding it hard to participate in them. I often have nothing to contribute or to add. I don’t relate to anything being said.

After the third group I texted my therapist that I was in a bad mood and we texted for a bit. She didn’t want me to have therapy if I was going to be angry. I thought things over a bit using DBT and realized I was more hurt (physically and emotionally) than angry. That helped diffuse my anger somewhat. I went to therapy and we talked. I told her in two days will be my anniversary of when I last attempted to take my life. I told her of the day and it was similar to what I am feeling today with being in so much pain. I am so depressed but I don’t feel the pressure of suicidality that I did last year. I do have the pills to do the job if I choose to go through with it. But I fear I will be a failure so I don’t try.

I didn’t nap today though I tried. I was just in too much pain and anguish. I was really upset that I was misgendered. Even my therapist misgendered me by accident. She was really sorry she did as it was a typo. The sentence didn’t make sense so I knew it was an error but it still stung just the same. Yesterday my mother called me a girl and it hurt so bad. Then she fell which got me worried so I couldn’t be “angry” at her so much. I hate that caring for her sometimes over takes the feelings I have for her, especially when they are negative. It drives me crazy.

going to partial

Going to partial

I had a lengthy conversation with my therapist yesterday about partial hospitalization. She really wants me to go and think it will help me. I was cranky and irritable and that concerned her. I told her I haven’t been eating and she said that was concerning. The whole appointment was a concern for her. I told her I would get in touch with the social worker today about starting the program, which I did. I start Thurs. I should be getting a phone call tomorrow night about how to join as I haven’t received any web information. It starts at 9. Yuck. I think I just have two meetings that day, back to back. Just hope I can make coffee before the meeting. I have two meetings so far for Thurs back to back.

Yesterday I got tested for Covid. I am glad I scheduled the appointment as I was in and out. Otherwise I would have had to wait two hours to be seen. I am still waiting for my results. It was easy to get to and I am glad I was familiar with the area. After the testing, I went to Starbucks and got a Crème Brule latte. It was really sweet and I only got the 2 shots of espresso. I should have gotten three but it is ok. I know for next time.

I am feeling good today. I might shower and shave. My beard is a little on the long side and is irritating when I put my chin down. I think I might just trim it some so it isn’t annoying. I haven’t shaved it in over a month now. I like the results. Sucks with the mask no one can see it outside of the house. I love the feel of the beard under my chin.

I ordered a new calendar today and was not pleased the price went up by 10 bucks. I usually get it for 10 or under. But I like having a calendar I can look at a glance to check in what day is what. Helps me to keep track of the days much better than looking on my phone.

Tomorrow I have the dreaded urodynamic testing. I will be glad to get it over with. It isn’t a pleasant test but it is important. I just hope all is well and I can keep doing what I have been doing. It is a little tough sometimes because I know I still retain and the urge to go isn’t strong at times. Sometimes I will be sitting on the toilet and have to wait more than a few minutes to start urinating. That is so frustrating. Just when I am ready to say the hell with it and cath, I go. So it is worth waiting I guess. I got to figure out what time to leave my house. I think I will leave around 9 so I can get some coffee at Starbucks and maybe something to eat. I have been wanting to have their breakfast sausage sandwich. It is supposed to be cold tomorrow. I am just glad the building isn’t down the street from the hospital this time. It would have taken me forever to walk there with my back the way it is.

I got a lot of worries with my family right now that I wish I could talk about but I can’t. So hard having so much anxiety about this. It definitely isn’t helping the tension in my neck and jaw. I haven’t eaten anything today. I don’t know what I want to eat. I want to nap. Maybe I will be hungry after I have some sleep.

depressed and not eating

Depressed and not eating

I haven’t had anything solid to eat since Wed. I just have no appetite. I have been drinking Ensure and Powerade so at least I am hydrated. I might make some ramen noodles after this blog. Least it will be something.

I had an appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday. He wants me to go to a partial hospital program as he want to “nip this in the bud”. Idiot. I am already depressed. I don’t know if I am going to go or not. I will discuss it with my therapist Mon. I know she will be for it. I just don’t want to get up in the morning because I am not a morning person and it is difficult to take stuff in when I am not that awake. It will be virtual so I don’t have to leave my house but still. Rolling out of bed to turn the laptop on to attend a group doesn’t sound like fun. I am getting pissed off that he hasn’t given much thought to a citalopram increase and just wants to increase the stupid Latuda. I got to go to the pharmacy to pick it up. Just seems dumb to me that he is banking on an antipsychotic for mood benefit. If it hasn’t changed my mood and I am getting more depressed, it isn’t working for me. I don’t understand why he won’t increase the SSRI. Just annoys me.

I haven’t done my check in for the day. I will later. I usually try to do it around 1500 but today has been an off day. I slept late and didn’t go to my PT appointment. I overslept. It was early this morning and I just couldn’t get out of bed. My legs have been killing me for most of the day. I think I did too much yesterday when I went for my haircut and then went grocery shopping. I bought cheese for the house. My mother didn’t like what I spent for the parmesan but we haven’t had it in a while since we ran out so I wasn’t going to wait for a sale like she does.

I am tired today. I have little energy. I feel down and can’t really concentrate at times. My neck has been feeling tense this past week and hurts. I had a difficult time sleeping. I keep waking up in pain. My arm and shoulder hurt. I haven’t been able to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I usually sleep on my right side but lately that has been causing me pain in my left shoulder. I don’t know why but I keep waking up with it hurting. My neck muscles feel like they are pulling and I can’t get them to calm down. I’ve tried heat and meds and nothing has worked. I think I need a massage. Only problem is I don’t have the money for it. It is always expensive. Maybe I can with Christmas money. We’ll see.

a gallon of milk

A gallon of milk

We were out of milk today so I decided to go out to get it rather than have my nephew get it. I had to put some money on my T pass so I needed to go out anyway. The only sad part is that I couldn’t have Starbucks because they were renovating the store. I had to stop twice on the way and back to the grocery store because my back was cramping up on me. I came home tired but feeling accomplished. My mother was not happy that I bought the milk. She wanted my nephew to do it. I don’t understand why. My therapist when I told her said it was because I have been feeling tired lately and it was too much for me to do. I still felt good because I didn’t nap after the time out and I was tired but not exhausted like I had been in the past.

Therapy was difficult today. I told her of the feelings of suicidality I had last night. I wish I didn’t say anything because now I have a second appointment this week with her. She said I am withdrawing from sessions and she is worried about me. She is going to consult with my psychiatrist about what to do from here on in. She just feels she can’t be the only one helping me right now. I feel bad about this. I just want to run away from her. I might cancel the appointment for Wed. She wants to check in but I don’t want to. I had a hard time talking to her today and just know Wed is going to be just as hard.

I’m having a hard time with my gender identity right now. I want the things on my chest off. But in order for me to even see the surgeon, I have to be a certain BMI and lose like 25 lbs. I am slowly losing weight but it isn’t fast enough for me. I also have no idea if I will be able to keep the weight off but it is driving me crazy that I have this hinderance. If I was to have breast cancer I doubt they would impose this weight restriction for surgery. So stupid. I am so upset and I know part of the reason I am so suicidal right now is because of the things on my chest. It is bothering me so damn much.

I’ve been thinking about writing, in general and as therapy. I did a lot of that with my therapist of 16 years. I don’t do so much with my current therapist. Maybe that is what is missing that needs to happen. I don’t know how to implement it as I don’t see her face to face. I used to write in a notebook and bring it with me for our sessions. But now that we have teletherapy, I obviously can’t share what I write anymore. The few messages I have been able to write to her have not been responded to outside of therapy. I don’t think it will be worthwhile to send messages if they are going to be ignored until session. I feel like I should apologize to my therapist about today but I didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t think. I just am feeling guilty about it.