it’s 2 am…

It’s 2 am… It’s not quite 3 am yet but I love this song. It’s by Jason Aldean and called Why. I am having a rough time. Pain is bonkers. I’ve lost track how many times the pain has moved from my ankle to my foot and back. Then my ankle bone hurts only for […]

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Let the imagination run

Let the imagination run I had a great therapy session today. I told him about the appointment with the LGBT doc and how I liked him. I also told him about how I wasn’t sure if I have been putting too much pressure on myself by wanting to be the person I was before I […]

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strip it down

Strip it down I’m listening to Luke Bryan and this is the song that is currently playing. I couldn’t come up with a title so thought I would use the name of the song. Corny, but it works. I went food shopping today. I didn’t get much as I didn’t have that much money on […]

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omg what a fucking day!!

Omg what a fucking day! Last night I finally figured out how to use Bixby, which is Samsung’s version of Siri. I set the alarm for 9 am. I wanted to make sure I took my blood pressure meds as I haven’t been so great in taking the morning dose. I woke up about a […]

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