Saturday Blog 23012021

Saturday Blog 23012021

My day sort of started at 0400 when I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep until almost 0600. I slept until my sister woke me up with her thundering up the stairs to do god knows what to her room. When I came downstairs for coffee, the kitchen table was all a mess. Cleaning products covered the table you couldn’t even sit down. I was pissed. I hate when she does this. I moved a box of the stuff to the floor and left it there. I don’t give a fuck.

I was in pain with my ankle after I had my coffee. I had to go to the post office to drop off a package. I really didn’t want to leave the house because it was cold out and I knew I would be waiting outside for a while before being able to drop off the package. Luckily, they had a click and ship bin in the front so I was able to drop it off without waiting in line. My mother gave me an errand to do for Walgreens so I did that. I was in pain by the time I came home and my mother noticed. My back was flared up. I went up to my room but I didn’t rest for too long. My sister texted me to go back downstairs to watch my mother. I hate that she needs to be babysat. I brought a book down and my new neck and shoulder heat wrap. My shoulders were starting to hurt and they just got worst by the time my sister came home a few hours later. I still am in agony. My left shoulder hurts so damn much. I put some diclofenac gel on it and that seemed to calm some of the soreness down. I am really miserable with this pain. I can’t wait to see the PT on Wed so I can get treated for this. I think I am going to do the dry needling as that is my best option. It is going to hurt like a mofo but it needs to be done. I will take some pain meds for after the session and a bottle of water.

I wanted to clear off my bed today but that didn’t happen. I will have to try tomorrow. I really want to change my sheets and put the new foam topper on. Temps are going to be freezing tonight with the wind chill bringing the temps close to zero or below. The wind today was awful. It really made things colder than what they were. I know I am going to be cold tonight because I still have the AC in my window and the wind comes in pretty good through the vent. I don’t mind. I rather be cold than hot anyways.

Coronavirus sucks!

Coronavirus sucks!

I saw my cousin today. She gave me a rollator walker and I gave her some eye drops. It was so good seeing her but so hard not to give her a hug! We socially distanced and wore masks. We made sure to do so because we didn’t want to infect one another in case one of us got it. This virus sucks! I hate it. I miss my cousins so much.

I didn’t go to partial today. I needed to sleep because I was up all night again after I had to pee around 0130. It took me several hours to get back to sleep. I wasn’t in pain I just couldn’t sleep. My mind kept wandering. I felt like blogging but knew if I got on the laptop I would be up all night. Luckily I was asleep by 4. I had already emailed the coordinator of the program I wouldn’t be in today. I got an email from one of them about LGBTQ friendly therapists. I am thinking of changing therapists. I don’t think the therapist I am seeing is right for me anymore. She is good but too good for me. I don’t think I can stand her being such a pusher for DBT.

Yesterday was quite the circus when I had therapy. My sister said I couldn’t use her bedroom so I was in her kitchen which was little to no privacy. I couldn’t talk about what I wanted to talk about so we talked about the Sox for a bit. It was a little chaotic trying to talk to her as my sister was coordinating a move of furniture and she was ordering me to do stuff. It was not how I planned therapy. I almost cried I was so distraught.

I’ve been deeply depressed for most of the day today. I just have been in pain with my shoulders. My right shoulder is now having pain. I hope PT can do both of them but I am not sure. I am going to give dry needling a try. It is supposed to be uncomfortable but from what I read in the material the PT gave me is the best option for my condition. It might be faster than regular therapy. I just know it sucks being in pain every day with this.

I have a zoom call with my cousins tonight. Should be fun. I always enjoy talking with them. These are my cousins from my father’s side of the family. There are about 9 of us total so it is a good group. I love and miss them so much. I can’t wait till covid is done with so we can meet in person again. It really sucks not seeing family members. I am lucky that I live with my mother and I know others can’t see their parents right now. I feel for them. I really do. Right now my older friend has covid. He is asymptomatic as far as I have been told. But that means I can’t see him right now until after this pandemic is done with. It’s too dangerous to see friends, especially with this new variant going around that is supposed to be more contagious than the main virus. I want to get vaccinated but no place around me has yet to provide the vaccine. I am still waiting.

the 330 am blog

The 330 am blog

I’ve been up since 0130 because of pain. My right shoulder hurts and didn’t get better until I got up and started stretching it out a bit. I’ve been in a weird mood since waking up. I feel like I should be suicidal with the amount of pain that I am in but I am not. I don’t know if this is a good sign that I am getting better or what. I think the groups is helping me though I don’t know how because the skills I haven’t learned really. I know what they are but I haven’t worked on them. I have tried the DEAR MAN skill that my therapist wants me to but we had to go over it and then I dissociated afterwards so I don’t remember a thing about what we talked about. I didn’t even know if I had attended the session so I asked her if I did. She said I did. So weird.

I have one more week of groups and then I am done and I don’t think I will go back. It was too stressful. Plus my email kept deleting the emails that the clinicians were sending and I don’t know why that is. I got to make a rule so that it goes to my inbox and nowhere else.

My therapist wants me to send her screenshots of the handouts I am given during groups. I think she wants to make sure I am going and I find this irritating. I feel like she doesn’t trust me. The agreement was that I would text her and Then I would have a response to what I was texting. Thing is the past few days I haven’t had any responses to what I text her about. I feel like this is a one way street again.

I haven’t really participated in group that past few days. I listen but I have been getting bored. Even the group that I thought would be interesting was a flop. I didn’t like it at all. I have been going to the first three groups because those are the most important ones as they are mostly clinical. The first one is just a check in and the other two are either CBT or DBT groups. I find it interesting that they are using both therapies in the program. Both are useful, don’t get me wrong and they do work to their own extent.

I love the therapist that I have in the program. He is so energetic and empathetic and fun to work with. He is a really good guy and I love when he leads groups because he makes them fun instead of boring. He brings this energy that is positive and soothing. I love it. I am going to miss him when I leave. I feel like I should write him an email but I think I will wait as it is the weekend. I am surprised the hospital doesn’t recognize MLK day. It is this Monday and my therapist is off but the program is on. Very weird.

I have put back the weight I lost. I am disappointed in this because I was able to go below 200 and now I am a few pounds over. My struggle with weight is so finicky. It all depends on my appetite and if I eat regularly. Lately I have just been eating one meal a day because I usually full and don’t want to eat anything else for the day. This talking about eating is making me hungry. I think I am going to make scrambled eggs with cheese. I just hope we have the bread.

awake at 3am

I woke up at 3

I woke up at 3am and am still up so I ordered breakfast. I am kind of hungry. My mother’s baby monitor alarm went off shortly after I woke up. She had to go to the bathroom and my sister was there to help her. I was supposed to watch her tonight but got a flare after an emotional response to my mother after she called me a “she”. I hate when I get emotional flares of pain. I hate that CRPS is so dependent on my state of mind sometimes.

I had the breakfast but couldn’t finish the 3rd burrito. It was cold and I was already getting full. I thought about making a cup of tea but didn’t want to stay in the kitchen. I wanted to try to get back to bed. So I am writing a blog to exhaust myself before trying to get back to sleep. I had woken up with back pain which is never a good sign. I took some Tylenol to try and settle it down. I really hope I didn’t so something to my back. I see the neurosurgeon next week and I wanted him to sign me off but I am not so sure he will now that my back has flared up. I have been doing more stuff lately so I can understand why my back is flared. The sneeze I had yesterday morning didn’t help. I felt like I pulled a muscle and that is what it feels like.

I have lots to do today. I need to clear off a space in my room so it is less dusty. I also need to change my bedding. My new foam topper should be arriving today. I don’t know when but I hope it is in the morning and not the evening. My hope is to put it on my bed and then watch my mother while it settles on my bed. I have to have it like that for at least 24 hours. So I can’t be on my bed at that time. I am going to need a chair to sit down because I can’t stand while doing stuff for long periods. That will definitely flare me up more. I really need to get stuff done in my room. My sisters want to replace the rug with a wood laminate. I don’t mind. I hate having a rug anyways. I just hope my bed doesn’t roll on the floor. I got wheels on my bed that have sunk into the rug. One of them have broken due to the weight of me and the bed. But they are cheap plastic wheels so I am not surprised. I hope I can remove them and just have a stopper instead.

The other day I had a phone call with the reporter that is doing a book on suicide. He is interviewing people from the study I was involved in last year. We have become good friends. He asked me how the partial hospital was going with it being virtual. I told him how it was and how distant you can be while being online. You really don’t make friends with the group members because there is no real interaction.

I had ordered my meds by mail and I receive one of the two packages. I should be getting the other one sometime today. I hope so because I am running low on one of my meds. I am surprised it has taken this long. I usually get them right away after I get the email that said they have been shipped.

I am constipated again so I just took some Miralax. Surprisingly, I haven’t had the soft stool that I usually get while taking it, which is good because that means no accidents. I have lost the control of loose soft stool. I can’t keep it in anymore. Hard stuff I can but if it is soft and mushy, forget about it. I think I need to take Miralax regularly for a few days so that I can go every day. I feel backed up when I don’t go for a day or so. I feel like I should take 1000 mg of magnesium at night just so I can go. I hate being constipated. It is the worst feeling in the world.

One thing I have noticed since going to partial is that my suicidal thoughts have gone away. I am not so suicidal anymore. But I still wish that I was dead. I haven’t actively planned anything in a while. I think that is good. I will bring it up in therapy on Monday. I haven’t heard from partial about extending my time. I hope they do. I am so anxious about this. I hope they approve it and will be sad if they don’t.