1st cold in a while

1st cold in a while

I got my first sickness of the year. I was starting to come down with something over the weekend and now it is full course. I am coughing and got a runny nose. I am all congested but no fever. I ran out of Nyquil so I am just taking vitamin D. I feel a little better today even though I am stuffy.

My urologist got back to me today. She is sick but wants me to drop a specimen to the lab tomorrow and have my pcp follow up with it. So I sent him a message about that. I don’t know if it will be tomorrow though as Wed I need to see my therapist.

I still have the assignment the therapist gave me last week that I haven’t done yet. It is hard because I have to think what three need mean to me and how to achieve them. The first one I picked was achievement, to increase self-regard by the successful exercise of talent. I often dismiss my achievements like they are nothing. For example, the PT I saw was amazed I was able to get to her appointments from the next two towns over by public transportation. To walk to the bus/train stop and then go to and from. She gave me credit for that and I never thought of it that way. I would sometimes I have a pain flare after, but that was something I did without it being a challenge. Writing lately has been a challenge. I would love to write at least five days a week but I know there are days where I am not feeling up to it physically or mentally. It is hard to write when you feel like complete crap or your ankle is screaming on the top of its lungs.

The second thing is play. I would love to have a chance to go to the chess club more but sleep is more important to me. I have to plan the day because I have to take the bus on a Sunday. Then walk to the plaza. Sometimes they go to the coffee shop if the weather is not great and that means I have to have money for coffee. I usually don’t carry cash and I am often broke by the time I get paid. Just trying to have an extra $20 for a haircut has been hard. That also makes me feel good, to have a haircut. I wish I could go more than once a month but budgeting it now with having to budget my meds hasn’t been possible.

The third thing is defendence, to defend against assault, criticism, or blame. I need to stand up for myself more in my house. I let my sisters and mother boss me around all the time. They don’t think that I am disabled and that I do things on purpose, like leaving the toilet seat up. That is a new challenge for me with this whole catheter business. They don’t understand that I am not aware of things that they are. Yes it sucks but give me a little credit or just tell me so that I don’t do it again. Don’t get mad at me for something I don’t know I am doing. I am not doing it on purpose. I get so irritated with my sister about this stuff. She has no respect for other people. My mother has no privacy for my bathroom uses. It is really frustrating. I don’t know how to deal with this because both are so volatile.

just stay

Just stay

This saying “just stay” has been kicking around the suicide prevention circles I have run across. Some days it helps me to focus on staying here. Other days, I want to scream why, I don’t deserve to be here. Today I am feeling a little hopeful because my psych sent me a message and it really made me feel like someone really cares about me. I am taking that with me so that I can do this Herculean project I want to do.

Last year when I was thinking of something to do about writing my book, I thought of writing a baseball history book about what teams were called before what they are currently. Like the Red Sox had many names before being called the Sox. If you look at the World Series, they are listed as Americans or red stockings. The Yankees were called the Orioles before they were the Yankees. I find this so interesting and seeing as there isn’t a book about it, I want to write it. One of my favorite authors, SE Hinton, always says “write what you want to read.” I always wanted to learn about the history of baseball teams so I want to write it. I am not sure I will have to go to Cooperstown to get the information I need but if I do have to go there, I will. I am not sure how I will finance it but I am sure there is a will there is a way.

Yesterday, I had therapy and it was a disaster. We talked about frustrated needs that Shneidman says contributes to suicide. She didn’t understand what these needs meant to me to understand why I am suicidal. She wants me to write them and then write the things that get in the way. That was going on and then the voices got unbearable. I asked her if she felt I was meaningless. At first she was like why am I thinking that. When I told her the voices were saying this and I needed her to tell me they were wrong she then said that I was not meaningless so that reality testing happened. Then she asked more about the voices and I said that I had lowered my dose. She flipped out in a very concerned way. She wants me to talk to my psychopharm about doing something to help the voices go down as this is a serious matter. I did send a message to the psychopharm but have not heard back from her. I also sent a message to my uro and she hasn’t responded either. I am going to have to drop a urine sample next week when I am back at the hospital.

I am coming down with a cold. The virus has been hanging around the house as my mother and sisters have been sick. I am treating it with rest, fluids, and vitamin D. I find that vitamin D helps respiratory and cold infections better than anything. There was a study I was involved in and D actually helps the cytokines fight infection. But the trick is you have to be out of deficiency in order for the D to work. Find out if you are deficient, get stable on D and you will be able to fight getting the cold better. I find that if I take 10,000 IUs for a few days, my cold symptoms go away faster. So instead of being sick 10-14 days, I am sick maybe 4-5 days. This works for me. It might not work for someone else but I am just throwing it out there. The cytokine is Hcap18. There have been a lot of studies with this and asthma. A Google search will help you understand this if you don’t believe me.

I made a cup of English tea. It is by Twining called Everyday Tea. I got it from an English friend I know on Twitter. The tea is really English as it is from the UK. I love it as it is a full bodied tea and is strong. It is really good especially on cold New England days like today. It is 14 (-10C) degrees out. Hope it helps this cold that I have. It is cold in my room because I have the window open. It is 64 (17C) degrees in my room. I love the cold and this temp suits me. I just put on a sweatshirt on top of my long sleeve shirt. My ankle is really hurting today. I have had to take gabapentin and extra breakthrough meds to try and quiet it. It feels like I am being stabbed and the pain is right through the joint making me feel suicidal. I want to shave and shower but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen today.

abuse finally told

Abuse finally told

****trigger warning****

Wednesday, my mother set off my PTSD. I had such anxiety most of the day that it was driving me crazy along with the intrusive memories and feelings of shame and humiliation. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was up because of pain so around 0430 before I went to finally rest, I sent a text to my therapist asking if I could still see her today despite canceling the appointment. She responded like an hour or so later saying yes, I could come in.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about this. I had so much on my mind. I needed to ask her input on how to set boundaries with my mother and she said that it is not going to be easy as this is going to be coming from left field with her (my mother). I knew it would be I was just hoping something I could say could diffuse the situation. Really didn’t come up with anything so I started talking about the stuff she did to me. She said if this had happened today, child’s services would have been involved. I still feel sick about all of it. When I told her what she wanted the doctor to do and then I couldn’t tell her what went on at home, with her holding me down to do what she wanted to do. I pretty much told her everything that she ever did to me. She (therapist) thinks my mother is psychotic. She is not trying to take away from what she did to me. My therapist told me what she did was abuse and I was both relieved and scared about this. I always got that what she did was of “motherly concern” so therefore was not abuse. And because when I confronted my mother at 16 she denied it as well as I was told how could I say such things about my mother, it just made me shut down. I denied it because I had to. Now I cannot because it is causing too much turmoil.

The abuse happened when I was a toddler up until I was fourteen. It made the gender dysphoria so much more present and also messed with me in other ways. I feel dirty and I don’t think I will ever be clean. This is all I can write at this time. I wish I could write more but it is hurting too much and stirring up too many emotions.

feeling grumpy and hopeless

Feeling grumpy and hopeless

Monday I saw the concussion doc. I am doing better but he still wants me to go to PT. I was supposed to start Friday but this urine infection is giving me bladder pains and cramps. I just don’t want to do nothing. After the appointment I saw my therapist who let me go after 15 mins of being there. I was so uncomfortable with my bladder that sitting was hard. I wasn’t talkative so she just let me leave. I have mixed feelings about it. I then canceled our appointment for tomorrow. I just cancelled all the appointments I had for the rest of the week. I just feel so miserable and depressed. I don’t want to do a goddamn thing. Yesterday was a complete blur. I didn’t sleep Monday night or kept waking up so I think I slept all day. I know I didn’t eat anything except M&Ms peanut candy and Ensure. I think I just left my room to use the bathroom and that was it.

I woke up in miserable mood. The urine culture came back with some bugs in it. Now I am just waiting to see if the doc wants to treat it or not. I am still having bladder pains. I had called yesterday but they said I had to wait till today for the culture to come back. I thought my depression was getting better but now I feel so much worse. Next week when I see the psychopharm I am going to ask her to see if increasing the duloxetine would be good. The nortriptyline isn’t helping my mood as I am on a low dose but it is helping the pain a bit. My neurologist gave me more than a week’s supply of a muscle relaxant. It is working as I am no longer getting spasms in my feet. They would come on while I was in the shower and omg I thought I was going to die just standing there while my feet spazzed out on me.

Right now I don’t have an appointment with my therapist. I responded to her message but haven’t heard anything yet. I got a few appointments next week. I see the behavioral psychologist and then PT. I also see the psychopharm. I feel so blah and overwhelmed with all these appointments.

I am fricken livid at my mother. I was in the bathroom cathing to pee and she just barges in to throw something in the hamper. WTF she couldn’t wait five fucking minutes??? I am so damn mad that she does this to me all the time. I know I need to tell her to stop but it is so hard talking to her because she doesn’t fucking hear what you tell her half the time and need to repeat it several times for her to get it. Then she thinks about what you say and she goes on a different tangent. Drives me fucking nuts. I want to hit the lottery so I can have my own apartment. I will hire a cleaning lady so I don’t have to worry about dust or the bathroom being dirty.

I have been fighting the urge to nap the past two hours. I am just so damn tired. I woke up three times to pee during the night. I try not to drink but the meds make my mouth dry. I got to switch back to Powerade as Gatorade is like drinking water. Soon as I start drinking, I just want more and more and before I realize it, the bottle is gone. Then I have to stay up to wait for it to go to my kidneys so I can empty my bladder for the night. I think nights of sleeping all night are over. There is like this internal 2-3 AM alarm clock that goes off saying I got to pee. It sucks. And once I go downstairs, do my business, then go back to my room, I am awake for a couple of hours.

I don’t plan on doing anything the next few days. I might get my haircut but that will be all. I just have no motivation to do a damn thing. I just want to sleep but the payback is being up all night. I haven’t eaten today and I don’t think I am going to. I haven’t even had an Ensure. I just had a cold brew and a cup of tea. I made the tea perfect. I love when I do that. It is so good. Wind is picking up. I got an alert that an advisory is in effect. Great. Hope it doesn’t keep me up.