it’s 2 am…

It’s 2 am… It’s not quite 3 am yet but I love this song. It’s by Jason Aldean and called Why. I am having a rough time. Pain is bonkers. I’ve lost track how many times the pain has moved from my ankle to my foot and back. Then my ankle bone hurts only for […]

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Sunday Blog 11-Feb-18

Sunday blog 11 Feb 18 I had my aunt’s wake today. It went okay. I saw a lot of my cousins that I have seen in quite some time. I am exhausted. I mostly stood the whole time I was there. Not good for my foot. I had to take a pain pill while I […]

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Saturday blog 10 Feb 18

I didn’t go to sleep till around 5 am. I was in pain all night. I was in severe pain when I woke up 5 hours later. I took some more meds as it was close to 12 hours since my last dose. I feel like shit. My mother made pork chops for dinner. I […]

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