Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

I’ve had a pretty good day, so far. Last night I was in a lot of pain and was not sure I would be able to have dinner with my family at a restaurant. I woke up feeling okay but my ankle became sore after walking on it for a little bit. I gave my mother her gag gift and she laughed.

The restaurant was pretty cool. It was Chinese food. It was pretty good. I had tonic water as I didn’t feel like having soda. My nephew came with us and he enjoyed what he had. He ordered Pad Thai. I had a bite and it was good but not as good as the one in Boston that I had the other day. He said we should go there and then to a Sox game. I said that sounds like a good idea. I ended up driving home with him. I was familiar with the area so it was easy to get home. I had to tell him the exit to get off. I thought he would know but he didn’t. He is still learning.

As soon as I was out of the boot, my foot acting up. My ankle is so blaring right now. I had went to the pharmacy to fill my meds. I did better today in recording when I take my meds. Yesterday I was not so good.

beautiful crazy

Beautiful Crazy

I follow Luke Combs on twitter since I fell in love with his song, Hurricane. He recently released a new song, Beautiful Crazy, which I absolutely love so much. It reminds me of my friend in Canada that I have known for the past 17 years. We are pretty close and talk nearly every day via Messenger or through other social media. We sometimes text but I do it rarely as I know it costs us money to send messages. I love her so much and she does drive me crazy in a beautiful way.

I’ve been in pain since 1430. I made coffee and some toast then as I was walking back to my room, stupid thing flared up. The coffee made me tired so I tried to nap and my ankle bone screamed. I should have made a cup of tea. But I wanted iced coffee so bad.

The Sox game just ended. They won 5-2. The Red Sox twitter account posted a tweet about Benny and the Betts after Benintendi scored Betts. I loved it. Benny is my boyfriend, lol. So is Vazquez. I really love them.

My mother dropped something in the kitchen and I sprinted down the stairs to see if she was okay. She was. As I was walking back to the stairs, my ankle gave out. I am in a lot of pain right now. Fuck. Had to take my strong pain pill for the second time today. Might have to take some magnesium as my shin muscles feel like they are going to cramp soon. I hate being in a flare. I am supposed to be going out with my family tomorrow as it’s Mother’s Day. I got my mother a gag gift. Duct tape. HAHA I got it for her because she has been asking me what I did with it. I have no idea so I got her a new one. HAHA. Hope she laughs. I also hope I am not in pain all damn night like I was last night.

a day where nothing went as planned

A day where nothing went as planned

I had Painsomnia last night. I think I fell asleep around 2 only to wake up around 4 because I was in pain again. I had shut off my ringer so any notifications wouldn’t disturb me. I missed taking my BP pill because I woke up around 1030. I was feeling okay and thought about canceling the Zipcar for the afternoon. I had breakfast and then came back to my room. I was still tired so laid down. PAIN! Guess I am not canceling the car to do my one errand.

I just stayed in bed until it was time to get dressed. My mother called me twice but I didn’t answer. I decided to wear my new sneakers as there wasn’t a lot of walking I would be doing. So I thought. I got dressed and put the sneakers on. They were tight because they were new. I couldn’t get the tongue centered to properly lace the sneaker. I gave up and left. I walked with my sweatshirt and jeans on because I thought it was cold out. It was anything but. By the time I reached the end of my block, I had to take off the sweatshirt. I got to the place where the car was supposed to be but all three zipcar spots were empty. I asked the guy if I had the right address and I did. I called Zipcar and the driver was stuck in traffic. It would be a half hour or so before he would be able to return the car. I told them to cancel the reservation. A bus was coming and even though I didn’t have my headphones, I would go into town.

The bus was a half hour late. The trains were packed. I was hurting as the sneakers were new and I wasn’t with a cane or wearing my AFO. I was getting annoyed. I decided when I got to my train stop, I was going to order Thai food. I did that and did my errand. My ankle is not happy. I was sweating by the time I was done. I stopped at CVS to get a bottle of water as I was so thirsty. I didn’t have time to get an iced coffee like I wanted.

Because the buses were late, I was able to catch the bus home. I was sweating so bad I had to shower after I ate. I couldn’t stand it. It was cold in the house because my mother didn’t open the doors or windows despite it being hot out. My ankle flared up after the shower. I tried to ignore it but lately, that hasn’t been helping me. I wanted to make a cup of tea but I knew if I did, it might wake me up and I wouldn’t sleep. Course, I might not sleep anyway due to pain.

My mother wants to go to a buffet style restaurant for Mother’s day which is this Sunday. My sisters had made reservations at another restaurant so they had to change it. I hope pain doesn’t prevent me from going.

another failed outing

Another failed outing

I woke probably around 330 but was able to get back to sleep for an hour before pain was really hurting me. I took some pain meds and waited for the pain to go down. I had something to eat and then was able to return to slumber. Around 1030 I got up again. I needed to shower. My lower back was still hurting me as the temps never went beyond 60 degrees. The wind just made everything chilly. I forced myself to shower, hoping it would ease my back but it turned into a question of whether to shower or brush my teeth. I showered and then recouped in my room, my back cramping. I really didn’t want to go out but wanted to pick up my meds.

I let my phone and Bluetooth headset charge while I was showering. When they were ready, I hit the bus stop. My back didn’t like it but oh well. It was warmer than I thought it was, despite the cold wind. I had worn a medium weight shirt, which I took off when I got on the bus. I just walked in the door to Starbucks when my ankle flared. I ordered my drink and a bagel. Something went wrong with the cold brew thing so the barista got behind. I stood there waiting in a lot of pain. As soon as I sat down, I took a pain pill. I was hoping it would settle down but I knew sitting in a chair was not going to help me. I waited for about an hour, read one chapter of 1984, and then caught the bus home. Stupid allergies flared while walking home. There were these trees I walked by that soon as I caught the scent of the bloom, my nose was running. I was gagging with post nasal drip by the time I got to my house. I put the barrels in the driveway (it was trash day) and nearly hurled. I didn’t though. I waited for it to pass and then went in the house.

My postcards that I ordered came. I got the mail and then went upstairs to relax. The top of my foot and ankle were telling me off. I got a packet of postcards to write a personal message when my sister texted me saying she was ordering pizza. That was good because my mother was making pork chops and I kind of lost the taste for them. They are not my favorite meat. When I finished with the message, I went and saw my sister to show her the card. She immediately spotted a typo I didn’t catch! The whole 250 cards need to be redone. Do’h!! I need to reorder them correctly. I am hoping to add some words to the back of the card, even though that will cost extra. It will be worth it as I have chicken scratch handwriting.

I got a tweet from some “board certified therapist” trying to school me on a quote that I have pinned on Twitter page. She doesn’t know what she is getting into. I have over 20 years’ experience in suicide and at least 15 in research. She wants to have a discussion so I said bring it. We are working out a time to chat. HAHA. This will be fun.

Think white noise machine can be marketed as a sleeping pill

Think white noise machine can be marketed as a sleeping pill

Last night pain was pretty bad. I was up till around 3. It was quiet in my room so turned on the white noise machine and as usual, I was out within 20 minutes. I should know by now to turn it off when I am up in the morning but left it on. I decided to order breakfast, pancakes and Florentine eggs benedict. It was some place I never ordered before. It was way too much food. I was stuffed and I didn’t even eat the pancakes. I figured I would have them for lunch.

I went back to my room after eating and the sound of the machine made me so very sleep on top of all the food I ate. I slept most of the afternoon. I had the pancakes but wasn’t that hungry to finish them off as they were huge. I came back to my room and was sedated again. My mother called me around 4 saying dinner was ready but I didn’t answer. I didn’t want soup. I laid down for a little while and then sat up. I was so sleepy. I turned off the machine and my brain started functioning again.

My brother in law called asking me to lend my laptop to my niece so she could do her homework. When I came back to my room, I tried to put the screen in my window. Couldn’t figure out which groove it went in. I went downstairs to see where it went. Found the groove, went back upstairs, moved some more stuff in front of the window so I could get a better angle to put it in, and still no luck. My back was aching me from being in the bent position so I gave up. I asked my brother in law to put it in for me, he has longer arms than I do. I left the window a little open to get some air. I didn’t want to put on the ceiling fan as it gets too cold. I hope the screen frame isn’t too big for the window, though I seriously doubt it as the only thing that needed fixing was the clips that held the frame together. There is probably some trick I am missing. I was really hoping just sliding it in would work but it seems too big. I hope I don’t have to bring it back.

I made a deep dish pizza for supper. The oven takes forever to preheat so by the time it was read it was before the first pitch of the game. Sox are now losing by 2 runs. Hope we don’t give them 1st place. I will be really upset.