Woke up at 3 in pain, yay!

I knew I was going to wake up when my pain med wore off. I thought the neurontin and Ativan would cover me. I was wrong. I have such intense burning going on and there feels like a little ball of pain toward the middle of where my ankle and foot meet. This is a new pain. Got to love CRPS and all the different pains it gives you. It is never the same pain twice, usually.

I just had some cornbread so that flared things up because I had to go down then up the stairs. I was hungry. I have decided to give some of my casserole to my barber and his pal. There is no way I can eat it all myself.

My big check came in so I paid my bills. Now I am broke again. Easy come, easy go. Sucks being an adult.

Pain is awful. I really wish I could have a break, if only for a few hours. I got into such deep despair last night because of it. I thought of ending things once again. I just don’t have a place to do it. I need to find one. I haven’t 100% made up my mind to do it, but having a place would ease the anxiety. I just feel everyone would be better off without me. I feel so useless. I can’t function anymore because I am not sleeping well. These broken sleeps are making me feel like shit most days. I’m never going to get better.

Been having a lot of gender dysphoria the past few days. My mother has been calling me miss and even though I correct her, she doesn’t care. I asked my sister to call me her brother and she said if I want to. I’m getting frustrated with the whole pronoun thing. If I didn’t have breasts, it might be easier. I don’t know when I can have top surgery or if my insurance will pay for it. I’ve been too scared to call and ask. I will ask the LGBT doc when I see him in a few weeks. O hope I don’t have to lose weight because that will be a hard battle. I’ve only gained weight because of my meds. I know I don’t eat right. I’ve been thinking of joining Nutrisystem. It is a weight loss program but I don’t think I can afford the food. I’ll have to look into it. I have other stuff I need to get done before I spend like $300 on food to lose weight.

I wish my breasts were smaller than they are. Women in my family have such huge breasts. I hate them on me. Actually, I think loathe is a better term. If I could cut them off myself, I would. Also been wondering if I should get a penile operation. I don’t know. I guess in time I’ll figure that out.

I requested my records from the pain clinic to see what they wrote about me. I think it is important for me to know. I have every right to see my records. I hope they come soon.

Hopeless and thinking of the end game

I’ve been in a rotten mood all day. I’ve been sleeping in 3 hour increments, the first one happening at 3 am. I was in pain and just did not want to move. I also didn’t want to take my pain meds. I’m just sick of taking them, actually, I’m sick of taking all meds today. I didn’t take my morning meds. I shut the alarm off and then fell back to sleep only to wake up a few hours later. 

My mother called around 1pm and I thought it was an alarm going off. By the time I realized it was my phone ringing, it was too late to answer. She called because she wanted me to open the door for the therapist. I was pissed. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I had to pee so I got up. My ankle felt like it was being crushed. That further caused my mood to go south. I carefully went downstairs and used the bathroom. I brushed my teeth. Then went downstairs to open the door. I didn’t feel like eating or anything so went back to my room. I got pissed off again because my bowels decided it needed to be emptied not even 10 minuted back to my room. Fuck. Went back sownstairs again. I decided to make something to eat. My mother was making beef stew but it wasn’t ready. I had a ham and cheese sandwich. 

Went back to my room and I just wanted to die. My mood was so low. I felt like I was under the blackest clouds. No light was ever going to shine through. I thought about texting my therapist but didn’t. What was he going to do? I really thought of ending it somehow some way. I decided to make a cup of tea and have a pop tart. 

Went back downstairs. My mother was in the kitchen and the therapist had left. I asked my mother if she wanted tea and she did. I made a cup for her as well. In had the pop tart. My ankle was in rough shape and I felt so angry to be in pain for the third day in a row, the same type of pain. After I finished the pop tart, I went up stairs again to drink my tea. 

I sat on my bed. I didn’t turn on any lights. I read Twitter and Facebook. When I finished my tea, I tried to nap. I kept thinking of what would happen to my nieces and nephew should I die. I am so depressed I can’t even think of a date to end my misery. I can’t be bothered with planning my own death. My mother called me to say the stew was done. I didn’t want any. She said she was hungry, so I told her to eat. 

I wish I wasn’t around anymore. I just can’t deal with pain and no one (other than my support group) helping me to deal with my pain. I am back in the pit of despair. And this time I am so far deep that I can’t even think of how or when to end my life. How sad is that?

safety planning by Stanley and Brown

hey all,

I couldn’t find the link I used so I created one. here you go.



Want to go home

Today has been difficult.  I’ve had pain all day, sometimes excruciating and other times tolerable. I worried my morning contact person because the plan I took off the table, I put back on. It is staying on for now. I’m in a don’t give a shit mood. I’m tired of being in horrible pain. I haven’t done much yet I hurt so bad.

I really just want to die. I won’t do anything while I am here. I am kind of nervous about tomorrow and meeting with Bonnie (not her real name). I don’t think from here on out I’m going to be helped. It doesn’t help that I feel so hopeless that things will get better. My support group has been doing what they can for me but I feel like I shouldn’t share too much of my depression for fear of bringing people down.

I’ve been reading the Harry Potter and the cursed child for most of the day. I read it before taking my meds and I was in the wizard world for a while. Then I came back to reality and I didn’t like it. I really didn’t think I would like this book but I am, even though it doesn’t have too much description like a normal book does. It is mostly script with few descriptions of the scene. I know if it was written like a book it would be at least a thousand pages, minimum. But I am enjoying myself with it while I try to escape the pain and boredom of this place. I wish I brought my Kindle. Maybe I’ll ask my sister to bring it to me. A fellow patient who is being discharged tomorrow gave me some candy and tea. I was out of my regular tea as I didn’t think to pack it. All I have left is chamomile tea. I had two cups of Lipton today. It gave me the caffeine I needed. The coffee is wicked terrible so I don’t drink it.

My cousin said some things on Facebook that really got under my skin. I replied just as callous back. If he can’t understand my mental illness or physical pain, Fuck him. I’m not going to placate him. He could have said sorry to miss seeing you rather than he was disappointed. His choice of words, not mine. I’m tired of being judged by small minded people.

I have been sitting on my bed the last few hours. My tailbone hurts. Now it’s raining out so my spine is hurting. It was hot in my room so I had staff open my other window. Least it will get the air circulating. I really cannot stand heat. I miss my ceiling fan. The temp today has gone from 49 degrees to 60, which is kind of odd for Nov. I was freezing this morning but the heat seems to have kicked on high for some reason. Staff just looked at the controls for my room and it’s on cool so I don’t know what the fuck is going on. It is an old building so it does weird things.

I took another dose of Miralax for my bowels. I finally went though I still feel bloated. I’ve been trying to keep up with fluids because I woke up with a sore throat but that just made the feeling of being bloated worse. I am hoping all the food I ate gets digested by tomorrow. I hate this feeling of being full when I didn’t overeat. I know the strong pain pill is causing my bowels to be backed up but there is nothing I can do about it. I need it to help my pain as I can’t take it like I do at home. 

I’m hoping tomorrow I have a better sense of when I will be going home. I really want to leave. Being here is just solidifying my planning. It is going to be tough because no a whole lot of “work” has been done since I have been here. I have been doing the PT stuff because it is easier to remember to do. Imagery has been ok but I only get so far before I wander off. The depression makes it hard to really focus on anything. 

Exhausting painful day

I woke up around 2 in pain so got some pain meds. I woke up around 8 after falling back to sleep. I wanted coffee but the damn breakfast dude had shut the doors to the kitchen. I don’t know why they do this for every meal. Drives me crazy. While I was waiting for him to open the door, my pain spiked and so did my suicidality. I just wanted to die. After I got the disgusting coffee and some breakfast, I met with my team. I told them I would retract the 3 day and the psychiatrist asked what changed my mind. I said the thought of going to a state hospital wasn’t appealing. After we talked, he gave me privileges just like that. After I told him I was suicidal. Whatever. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go out today anyway. I just hurt too much.

I had a mental health counselor that I liked as my check in person and told her I hated being far away from the nurse’s station. She was able to have me change rooms to be closer. I had to walk back and forth with my things. That caused a flare up. I am staying in my room the rest of the night. I need to rest. I am wicked tired, like I’ve taken a sleeping pill. I am so wiped out from this chronic pain today. It has been fluctuating all day. 

There is a service dog on the unit. He is very cute. The bugger had learned to leave the patient’s room so he has been hanging out for most of the day. This is the 1st time I have seen a dog on the unit.

It has been a really warm day out and so the unit has been stifling. I was sweating when I was done with the room change. I didn’t pack shorts so I ended up making them out of some scrub pants when I was last admitted. I am much cooler now. My room has the windows wide open so it’s nice and cool. I like it. I can not tolerate the heat, which I think has contributed to my pain being bad the past two days. If dinner wasn’t in a few minutes, I would take a nap. I will after I eat. I’m kind of hungry.

I hope that because I got privs today that my discharge date might be next week. Least I hope so. I want the fuck out of here. My psychiatrist wants me to stick it out but I really don’t see the point. 

I went to two groups today. The 1st one was group therapy and I came out to the patients that were there. Everyone was supportive and I think there is another trans female on the unit. I hope we can connect but she seems very distant.

The other group was on stigma and I didn’t care for it. It was really boring.