Saturday Blog 23102021

Saturday Blog 23102021
Pain and loss

My shoulder kept me up most of the night again. I have been sleepy all day. The pain has now moved to my neck which is annoying me. I put some heat on it and it helped a little bit. I don’t know if I should put heat on my shoulder because it is broken. I just been putting the heating pad around the areas of shoulder but not directly on it. My muscles are really tense and they hurt. I think I need to be in a sling but will wait till Monday when I see the doc. I have had a tough time controlling the pain today. I think the ibuprofen is giving me heartburn so I stopped taking that. Took a few doses of Mylanta to finally get that under control. I finally had something to eat and that seems to make my stomach better. I just had a cup of tea today. I figured the tea would be better than coffee.

I lost the urge to pee. I just get uncomfortable in my bladder that tells me I need to go empty it. I went nearly eight hours because I was trying to sleep. I was hoping the urge would come and it didn’t. I told my pcp this but I guess he isn’t concerned about it because I haven’t heard back from him. I should go to the ED but I don’t want to be there for hours. I don’t have any other symptoms of cauda equina syndrome but I am keeping an eye on things. I don’t have too much back pain today so that is good.

The sox lost the game last night so their season is officially over. I am sad about it. They just couldn’t get a hits together for runs. It was sad as they did so well to end up like this.

I am very tired. I hate waking up in the middle of the night with my shoulder because I have to sit up for a bit for it to calm down. Then I go back to sleep only to have the same thing happen a few hours later. I am running out of my BT meds so I have been rationing them. I can’t call in a refill of them till Wed of next week. I am going to ask for a little bit more this month because I don’t know how long it is going to take for these fractures to heal.

I want another cup of tea but I think I will make it an herbal one rather than black. I am so tired though, I just want to go to sleep. Hope the pain meds I took an hour ago work for my shoulder. I could use some relief from pain. It is making me agitated and hopeless. With baseball season almost over, I can move on to college football. I love watching Ohio State and Nebraska. Can’t wait for tonight’s OSU game.

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  1. Hi hun! So sorry the pain is keeping you awake at night, that sucks big time, I hope the doc will have some good suggestions today for you! Sending a massive hug! xoxo


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