Love Story on Repeat

Love story on repeat

I am in a Taylor Swift mood so I am listening to my favorite song of hers, Love Story. I have it on repeat. I just love this song and it never gets old for me. I have listened to it hundreds of times.

I took my walk to the pharmacy today. 1326 steps. I will take it. It isn’t completely accurate as any jingle of my phone will cause the steps to increase even if I am not walking. I just take it as a rough estimate of how many steps I took. I got dizzy on the way back. I could be dehydrated so I drank some Gatorade when I came home. I will continue drinking it throughout the day. It is warm today, totally gorgeous. I wore shorts for the first time this year.

I had a rough night with pain. My shoulder has flared up and I am not sure what to do about it. I have been taking my breakthrough meds because that is the only thing that has been helping me. I had a burger for dinner followed by a banana. I usually don’t eat bananas because I am picky about their ripeness but the ones we have right now are my perfect ripeness so I can eat them.

Today is the first day in two weeks that I haven’t been peeing every two hours. I also don’t have pain on urination so maybe whatever I had is finally out of my system. I have been drinking like crazy, at least two bottles of Gatorade a day to flush out my system. It has been hard because I usually just drink one bottle a day. The urinary pain med my doc prescribed wasn’t covered by my insurance. Sucked because I had to pay for it again.

It’s getting to be the hour where I feel really tired and sleepy. I just took my Latuda early because I ate. You are supposed to have at least 350 calories when taking the Latuda and I usually don’t eat when I take it. Just trying to see if there is a difference. I am sure I will be sleepy by the time the game starts. I want to listen to the game tonight so I hope I can push through the sleepiness.

My whole left leg is bothering me today and I don’t know why. The hamstring, knee, calf, and ankle all hurt. Pain is driving me up the fucking wall. Stretching it hasn’t helped. I am getting so frustrated because the hamstring hurts nearly every day no matter how much I stretch it. Maybe I am over stretching it. When I see my PT I will ask her about it. I have PT next week. I rescheduled my vaccination shot because I had too much going on after the shot and if I had side effects from it I wouldn’t be able to attend my engagements. I am seeing the surgeon next week for hysterectomy. I am kind of nervous about it but it needs to be done.

any thoughts?

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