baseball is back!!

Baseball is back!

Finally the owners and players have agreed on terms and we are have a 162 game season! Spring training has commenced. I couldn’t be happier though I am still wondering how I am going to watch night games. I know west coast games are out as there is no way I am staying up till 1 am or later for them. I don’t have it in me to stay up that late anymore. I am an old man.

I got up around noon today. I brushed my teeth. Made coffee and some toast. Someone has been eating my Kerrygold butter. I found where my sister put my tortilla wraps. On top of the fridge. Yeah cause I would look there. Idiot.

I am feeling tired but a little better than I have been all week. I have some energy. I really need to cash my coins as I don’t have any cash on me and my acct is overdrawn, again. Amazon did some tip thing and sent me over. I wasn’t expecting the charge. I might go to the grocery store today and get some turkey breast so I can make the wraps I want to make. I got the Brie cheese yesterday but there isn’t any turkey left. I also bought baby spinach so I could make salad. I found a new dressing that is fricken awesome. Ranch with avocado. It is really good. I forget who makes it. I want to say Hidden Valley but I could be wrong.

Shoulder has been hurting me for two days now, same spot. I just aggravated it some more when I reached for my water bottle. I had to take a pain med for it. Yesterday I just slept around 4pm. Only time I left the bed was to pee. I hate being this depressed. I am going to try and clean off my bed this weekend so I can change the sheets. Maybe my mood will be better in clean sheets. I will try and move some stuff off today. Even if I move a few things it is better than nothing.

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