Easy Friday 27012023

Easy Friday 27012023

I had an easy day today. I didn’t do anything. I just rested as I was still sore from PT yesterday. I also don’t know what I did but when I got into bed last night, I pulled a muscle in my thigh so that is sore. I ordered McDonalds for my niece and I for lunch. It was good. I then did some applying for school and financial aid. I had to go digging into my tax paperwork for the information I needed for the financial aid stuff. I made dinner for my mother. She just wanted a pasta dish.

I never got a chance to read my book today so I will read it tonight before bed. I have been trying to stay away from laying down since I got up this afternoon. Pain in my ribs is sort of helping as I need to sit up to alleviate the pain. I trimmed my beard today and mustache. It was getting a little unruly.

I am so tired today and I haven’t even done anything. My shoulders are tight and I just want to lie down all the time. My muscles still hurt from PT yesterday. I hope the soreness goes away. I wish I had a bathtub so I could rest with hot water on me but I don’t have one.

any thoughts?

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