‘I admit that I was skeptical at first’

An awesome research perspective on suicide attempt survivors

What happens now?

It’s high time we had another post from Stephen O’Connor, a founding contributor of this site and a faculty member in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington. The timing works well after last week’s post created interest in forming an online support group.

After discussing a couple of familiar therapies, this week’s post explores the subject of support groups for attempt survivors. “This is a sensitive topic,” Stephen writes. “I have noticed many of my colleagues recoiling at the idea of groups where the content focuses explicitly on suicidal ideation, out of fear that it may actually lead group members to feel more suicidal and reinforce self-harm behaviors.”

But be sure to read on.

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3 thoughts on “‘I admit that I was skeptical at first’

  1. Your like button is still missing. *Like* At a state NAMI conference I went to a workshop that lead a support group for suicide attempt survivors and data from it’s effects. It was a southern California group and I live in Northern California; it was also confined to a patient sample/participants limited to one county. Might need to re-look through my handouts from the conference to see it’s impact.


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