Last baseball game of the season

Today is the last baseball game for the Sox. I already miss it. They won today. It was a good game. I don’t know if JBJ, Jackie Bradley, Jr. is going to be with us next season. I sure hope so because he is my favorite player and the best center fielder ever to play in a Sox uniform. I will be really sad if the Sox don’t resign him.

I haven’t printed out the DBT skills yet. I am on my phone so can’t access it. I will print it out tomorrow. I ordered my groceries late so I have a late time. I am hoping I can have my niece help me with them. I can’t be lifting heavy stuff and I ordered heavy stuff (powerade and gatorade). My nephew might be able to help too if he is home.

Last night I went out with friends south of Boston. I had a good time and a good meal. It was nice to be out seeing them. I haven’t been to their house since last Thanksgiving. We watched the Mandalorian. I love baby Yoda! He was the highlight of the whole show. He did baby things and it was so fun. We watched till episode 6 so I will try and watch it to finish the series in a few days. I might watch it tonight. I have been sleeping all day. It was tough when I came home because I was so tired and had a headache. I know it was from sitting up for more than 4 hours. I am not used to it. So I rested most of today. I ordered McDs for my dinner. I had been craving a Filet o’fish. It was good. I also had to have my nugs.

I haven’t shaved since Thursday. I already have a stubble going on. I am debating using my electric shaver to shave it off. I want to use the shaver balm to help get a closer shave. I have yet to use it since I bought it. I will use it one of these days.

When I saw my pcp last week he put the order in for PT. I called on Friday and left a message. I should hear from them tomorrow. Just hope it isn’t in the morning. I hate morning calls. I even hate when my med alarm goes off for my morning meds. I usually shut it off and go back to sleep. Then take my meds when I wake up an hour or two later. I have been trying to schedule my appts for later in the day but for the pain psychologist I haven’t been able to. He is at 9 am. Ugh. I hope I can be up at that hour.

This week is T shot week. I hope when I give it, I don’t hit a vein again. It sucks when I do. My pcp wants me to have blood work done but I am still post op and said it probably won’t be good. He agreed but still wants me to have it done. I will in January. I got to message my TG doc to find out if it needs to be a trough or not. I think it needs to be as my last one was low. Hoping that if this one is low too my dose of T will be increased. Maybe then the hair on my face will be uniform and I can have a real goatee.

any thoughts?

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