journal entry 160621 0240

Journal entry 160621 0240

I’ve been in a weird brain fog. I tried to blog and even though I had a lot to say, nothing was coming to me. My mind was blank. I hate feeling like this.

I had a good day. Came out to my racist homophobic aunt and my mother’s friends. I wish I could have taken a picture of her face as my sister was trying to tell her my name was G not my birthname. Got scheduled for my hysterectomy. Got scheduled for derm, which I need to reschedule because it is on the same day as my post op visit and I don’t think I can handle two visits the same day. I didn’t see the derm I wanted to but it’s ok. I want to be seen sooner than December.

Met with PCP. He had a PA student with him. Blood work is fine but my urinalysis still shows infection or inflammation. I can’t tell, which would be the cause of my urethra pain. My A1c was perfect, lower than last time.

I set up an appointment with my therapist. I want to ask her questions and she said to send them so she has them when we meet so I did that.

I am waiting to hear back from uro on my urine results and getting an appointment. It is supposed to be either with NP or MD whichever has the earlier availability.

Neck hurts so I just took a BT med with some Tylenol. Ankle is also hurting. Fucker. Meant to tell PCP about my jaw and forgot. I guess I will have to see the dentist for this. I haven’t had a cleaning since before the pandemic so I am due for one.

PT is on vacation so I have nothing the rest of the week. Tomorrow I’m going food shopping again. I’ll probably buy more chicken tenders. Definitely need water. Will get some more Gatorade too.

Last night I made lemon chicken with zucchini and rice. It was really good. I really like it a lot and can’t wait to make it again.

I just cathed 300 cc’s or so. I didn’t have the urge but I knew I had urine in me. I feel better now that I am empty. I always do.

I am to stop the labetalol and record my BP for a week to see how it is. I am to send the reading to my PCP so he can see how I am doing. I wish he wanted to get rid of the lisinopril. I kind of like the beta blocker for the anti-anxiety effects.

any thoughts?

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