frustrating day

Frustrating day

I have no idea why I have urethral pain so I have been cathing to avoid the pain of peeing. I don’t have an appointment with uro till next week. That is a long time to be in pain. My PCP said I could take the pyridium pills to help with the pain. I hate taking them because they cause retention really bad sometimes and I have to cath because it has been hours. Right now the pain is at a low level so we’ll see. My uro never answered the message I sent her about how the testing results ended up going to my PCP instead of her. I haven’t heard back. I was trying to get seen sooner but there are no openings.

I texted my therapist a lot today. I was hurting and just needed to vent to someone. She probably will say something when we meet. I am thinking of going back to partial for a few weeks. I don’t know if this will interfere with PT appointments. They have a partial partial where you meet for three days a week and attend just three groups a day, your choice.

Past two days I have not been taking my beta blocker as my pcp and I agreed to stop taking it. So far my blood pressure is ok was a little low this morning. I just took is now and it is lower than it was. I think it is because of the large dose of Neurontin that I took. I am sure it will be fine in the morning. I am not dizzy or anything but I am going to make sure I drink at least one bottle of Gatorade tonight. I really haven’t been drinking much today like I normally do. I don’t think I have had a meal other than the pancakes that I heated up. They had protein in it so I have something solid in my stomach. I also had some pretzels so I think I am fine food wise. I had some fruit today, too.

I wrote a message to my therapist early this morning and she didn’t respond. I was really hoping she would but she didn’t. I guess we will just talk about it on Monday. I gave her a list of questions that I would like answered first though. They are mostly concerning how we are doing in therapy. One of the questions I asked was Is she frustrated with me. Another question I asked was how does she think our alliance is. I asked this to find out if we are on the same page or not. The last question was about if she knew about corrective experiences. I think it would be nice if she has some experience in this.

any thoughts?

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