Saturday blog 11092021

Saturday Blog 11092021

Today is a solemn day as people remember the events of 11-09-2001. Today is the 20th anniversary of those events. Hard to believe it has been 20 years. Just a sad day that will go on in infinity.

I hung up the picture of Eduardo Rodriguez today in my room. I love that I am starting to get a Sox wall. Seeing them makes me happy. The game is at 7 tonight. I am glad because the 8pm start last night made me so tired. I think I fell asleep in the 3rd inning when there was still no score. A rookie is starting tonight so I guess it is going to be a bullpen game depending on how he does.

I have been in a lot of abdominal pain today because I haven’t been emptying my bladder on a schedule. Some days I just go when I need to and other days I need a schedule. Figuring things out as I go. I try to tell myself this isn’t forever like the surgeon said. I still have five weeks recovery. I am still having a yellow discharge and I am not sure that is normal or not. I have finished the antibiotics last week. I need to ask if this is normal or if I still have an infection going on. I have switched back to female underwear and a pad for now. I was going to shower today but I just don’t have the energy for it. I don’t even have the energy to shave. I was up most of the night again. I was up pretty early this morning, before my mother got up. I was about finished with my coffee when she got up.

I made rice and peas for supper. I didn’t know what else to make. I didn’t want to make scrambled eggs again because we are low on American cheese. My mother wants me to buy some more so I will head to the Square sometime on Tues before my appointment with the TG doc. I would go on Monday but I am having my MRI and then I see my therapist so I don’t want to go out again. Times are going to be close. I just hope there isn’t a delay with the MRI. It is usually a half hour scan, sometimes forty-five mins if they need to take additional pictures or have trouble with the dye. I plan on drinking a lot tomorrow so that my veins are easier to find. I hope I don’t get stuck more than once.

During the time I was up during the night, I decided to color a page. I found another page that I want to color but it is kind of tricky because it is a small floral arrangement. I will have to use the sharpest pencils so I can color. I love the new pencil set that I bought. It is like a crayon set but with pencils. It is kind of hard to put them back in the box once you take them out. If you don’t get it in right it is a pain to put back. I have had to shuffle the box to make room for the pencil. That is my only complaint. The other pencil set of 136 colors is the same way. You miss the groove and it is hard to put back in its place.

I have four appointments next week. Two on Monday and then one on Tues. Last one is on Friday. I cannot wait to talk to the uro NP. I just hope she doesn’t want me to measure my urine again. I don’t mind doing it but it is a pain.

Hope I will be able to listen to the ballgame. I am in a lot of pain right now and need to lie down so I will stop here for now. Enjoy your evening folks!

any thoughts?

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