trouble (Taylor’s version)

Trouble (Taylor’s version)

I had a cup of coffee with two snickerdoodle cookies this morning. Around noon I had my mother make me an omelet and I had it with coffee and toast. I had to get ready for my appointment so I looked at the bus schedules. One bus was coming in a few minutes and another in fifteen. It was still a little early but I decided to get ready anyway and head to the bus stop. Soon as I started walking down the street my legs felt heavy, like I was walking in mud. By the time I got to the plaza, my back was starting to hurt too and I was hoping there was minimal walking from the train when I got to my eye exam. I hadn’t been there before so I didn’t know the area.

The place was across the street from the train station. It was convenient but long. I got to the appointment with five minutes to spare. The eye doctor was nice. My prescription changed and she noticed that I had prism-something in my right eye. She asked if I saw double and I said I used to. She asked if there was prism-something in my glasses. I said no because the double vision didn’t get any worse. In fact, it has been a long while since I last saw double. She wanted to do the expensive eye test but I declined. I hate the exam because I have to do it multiple times because I blink and you have to have your eye open. I am a frequent blinker, lol.

On the way home, Trouble was playing. I swear every time I hear this song I get something new from it. A lyric will just hit me and I will think hard about it. Then I think of her video and I shake my head. I didn’t like the video she made for this song.

I went on the Zenni website to look for new glasses. I found a frame I like. I just hope I can get progressive lenses with it. I haven’t gone that far in my search because when you look at the lenses you got to put in your prescription and I didn’t feel like it. When I am ready to get my lenses I will.

I am really tired. I again was very out of breath when I got home. That little incline up my street kills me every single time. It has been eight weeks since I broke my shoulder. Monday I go back to ortho to see if I can do more exercises with my shoulder. Today it is hurting something awful. It started on the way home. I placed my hands behind my back and it didn’t like that at all.

I’ve been thinking about my appointment yesterday with my uro. I am basically taking four medications for my bladder. FOUR. I take three for psych and two for hypertension. I counted up my meds that I take a day and it is eighteen. Eighteen pills a day I take and that doesn’t include my as needed meds, the ibuprofen, BT med, Ativan, or Zofran. I hate taking meds. But I can’t not take them.

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