letters addressed to the fire

Letters addressed to the fire

I had therapy today. It went ok. I told her about group. She didn’t have much to say on it. We talked about validation and she was upset with my texting again. I get carried away by the moment. I told her I have been sleeping more. She or the system rather, gave me a questionnaire to fill out before session. It was a depression and alcohol screening thing. I hate them. I didn’t have a chance to discuss the BCBT book with her. I am learning a lot from reading it.

After session, I just stayed in bed. Tomorrow I have my last PT session. I think my PT is sick of me. LOL I have been going to her for five months now. Shoulder is still cranky at times but has been better the last couple of days. It still hurts just not as much and usually only when I move it a “wrong” way. I haven’t been doing my exercises because I have been in bed most of the past few days. I don’t want to do anything. Therapist said to do just a few things each day doesn’t have to be much.

It’s been two weeks today since I turned in the Holter monitor. I hope to get a report sometime this week. I am really tired. I hope I sleep without weird fucking dreams again. Damn things have been waking me up all night. I go back to sleep but I wake up with the WTF was that about feeling.

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