taking a leap

Taking a leap

I was awakened around 3 or 330, I forget, but I had a severe migraine-type headache. I took some meds, went to the bathroom, then tried to fall back to sleep. I did only to wake up around 630 with the severe pain in the back of my head instead of the front. I took some Excedrin migraine tablets and couldn’t go back to sleep. I finally gave up around 9, when I took my morning meds. I had some coffee and a yogurt for breakfast. My mother had gotten up but was in a lot of pain with her leg so I made her breakfast.

I  found out today was the birthday of evermore, Taylor Swift’s 9th studio album so I have been playing it since I got back to my room around 10. I had something to eat around 1130. My sister decided to clean house so I couldn’t sit down because she had the kitchen in disarray. She had the sink full of some kind of cleaner for the floor as she had a mop in it. Pissed me off as she had started at like 7am this morning with the bathroom and the stuff in the bathroom was still in the hallway. I hate when she cleans as she doesn’t finish the room she starts in just goes to the next room. So annoying.

I broke down two boxes in my room so that counts as cleaning. I tried finding my AA batteries for my sister, which I know I have but since my sister went through my drawer, I don’t know where anything is anymore. The batteries are missing.

I took a leap and inquired about college. I wrote to the admissions office asking if I could return as a transfer student to finish my degree. I haven’t been in college since 2008 so I hope my credits still count. If they do, I will have about 9 classes to take to finish, which ideally is two semesters, but that is full time. I don’t think I will be able to handle four classes so I will just go part-time. The goal is to get my degree by the time I am 50, three years from now. I turn 47 in two weeks, well more like twelve days. I am looking at the fall of 2023 if it is possible and I can get a grant or scholarship to finance my studies. I doubt I will be able to get a loan because I fucked up that avenue. I also got my loans forgiven so I can’t apply for federal loans anymore. I might be able to get a bank loan but my credit sucks so I doubt it. I requested my transcript just to see how many W’s are on it. I know my GPA is like 0 because I technically failed two classes, one was because I didn’t withdraw before the due date and the other was because I withdrew from college and didn’t fulfill the requirements for an extension. It was really hard to withdraw from the college but I was very psychotic and the meds I was taking was interfering with my thinking. I couldn’t concentrate right. Plus at the time I was full time working, working like 50 hours a week just to make things meet. Now that I am disabled and have a shitload of time on my hands, I think I can handle one or two classes.

I have therapy tomorrow. I hope that the snafu with the wrong provider gets corrected before the time we are to meet. I had let her know Wed that it was scheduled wrong and she was to fix it but it still isn’t. Only other appointment this week I have is with my pcp for Tues. I got to get my blood pressure rechecked and go over the new med. I will need a new script if she continues on the dose I am on. My blood pressure readings have been up and down. I got a scare when I took it last night. I got a reading of 164/142! I retook it and it was much lower. I was happy about that. I just hope she doesn’t want blood work.

any thoughts?

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