Saturday Blog 10122022

Saturday Blog 10122022

In the sports world, France beat England in the World Cup and the Army/Navy football game is underway. I am rooting for Navy. I wanted to be a sailor a long time ago and never got a chance because of my mental illness.

I went out today. I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. Tues I will have to pick up one more as I am out of the new blood pressure pill I am. I see my pcp then. She will decide if I am to stay at the current dose or go up on it. I have a feeling I will have to go up on it as my blood pressure readings have been high. My pulse rate has been down to 100 or less. I haven’t gotten palpitations in two days now. I was very out of breath when I came home. I started wheezing a little bit and thought I would have to use an inhaler. It quieted down some after a while.

I was up early this morning. I woke up around 330 with a wicked migraine. I tried going back to sleep but I had to pee and when I returned to my room, I was up. No chance of going back to sleep. I ordered breakfast around 630. I had a cup of coffee and I guess the food and caffeine was enough to send me back to dreamland. I didn’t get up again till after 1230. I had another cup of coffee and a piece of pumpkin pie for lunch. I wasn’t too hungry. For dinner I just had two Ensures for the protein. I am trying to lose weight for the surgery. So far I have lost three pounds. Not much but I am getting there. I have to try and lose the weight I gained while in the hospital.

My cousin called to see how I was. She had spoken to my other cousin who told her I was in the hospital so she wanted to make sure I was home before sending me a birthday card. She sends me one every year along with a Christmas card. We talked for more than a half hour catching up with things. It was so good talking to her. I really miss her. I thought about her most of the time I was on the psych unit. I wanted to call her but thought if I called with the hospital number she would worry. I couldn’t use my cell phone while in the hospital. Hard to believe I have only been out for almost three weeks now and I feel like I just left yesterday.

I did my med box for the week, filling both AM and PM slots. I am not on that many meds anymore so it took me a short time to fill it. I have a couple of meds I need to refill for next week which means I will be going to the Square. Maybe I will hit the Chipotle and have lunch there. Been a while since I ate there. Least it will get me out of the house.

any thoughts?

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