PCP appt and other things

PCP appointment and other things

I got up before 9 this morning which is unusual for me. I usually get up after 9 or even 11. I went to bed really early last night so I was well rested. I had a cup of coffee. My bitch sister lined up the stuff from the dishwasher in front of my coffee maker so I would put the stuff away. Then she left me a note to put the dishes in the sink in the dishwasher. So after I had time to kill after I had my coffee and did some paperwork, I did that. I left the pans though. Cuz fuck that…

The cab was early for my PCP appointment. I got to the hospital an hour before the appointment. I had some lunch and then killed some time in the waiting area before I left to go to the building I needed to go to. There was a light drizzle going on as I made my way to the building. I was like twenty minutes early. I waited. The doc called me into the room and we talked about my mother briefly. Then we talked about the palpitations and what to do about them. She wants to put me on a beta blocker but wants to clear it with my psychiatrist first so I need to wait a few days. Then she did blood work. Fun. I see her in May unless something comes up in the meantime.

I walked to the train station but stopped in one of the buildings near it as I had to use the bathroom. The mask kept on fogging up my glasses so I had to keep taking them off as I got to the station. I was breathing heavy from walking. I am still out of shape and it kills me. I snoozed a little as I rode the train. I didn’t have anything else to do so I just caught the bus home. It came fairly quickly. I am glad I didn’t have to wait because the temp dropped a bit and the wind was picking up, making it colder than it was.

I had texted my sister that I would make lemon chicken for supper. I took the chicken out the other day so it needs to be made today. I haven’t decided if I am going to cut it up or just leave it. I will decide when I make it.

I am listening to Hamilton again. It has been a long while since I last heard it. I turn the shuffle off so I can listen to it from beginning to end. I made lemon chicken and rice for dinner. It was good. My mother had a little of it. Then she gave my nieces and I a heart attack by coming up the stairs so damn fast. She exhausted herself and is resting now in her bed. Just hope she has a good night and isn’t up every hour.

any thoughts?

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