Busy Monday 23012023

Busy Monday

I kept myself busy today and avoided going back to bed after I got up. I cleared off my bed in spurts. I can now change my sheets. I washed my comforter. It is in the dryer now. I haven’t brought it up yet. I had two cups of coffee and I was still tired. I kept moving though so I wouldn’t lie down on my bed.

I made supper for my mother and lunch. Her sugar was low at supper time and she took insulin anyway so now I need to watch her to make sure she doesn’t go hypo on me. She did have rice at dinner so I am hoping that helps raise her sugar some. Diabetes is a bitch.

For some reason, all my clothes was on my bed. I separated my every day clothes from my summer clothes. I found more underwear on my bed. I was wondering what had happened to them as before I was in the hospital I had bought more. Now I don’t have to struggle to find underwear. I also found a couple of T-shirts that were buried in the pile. I still haven’t found my “don’t interrupt me when talking to myself” shirt. I have no idea where that is. I am sure when I am looking for something else, I will find it.

I read my book for two hours last night. It was a long chapter. I have four more chapters and I think I can finish the book this week if I read a chapter a day. Since the hospitalization in the psych ward, I haven’t been able to multitask too much. I cannot listen to music and read at the same time like I used to. I hate this as it was relaxing listening to music and to read a book. But for some reason it literally causes my brain to hurt. I also cannot concentrate when music is playing. I hate it.

I have been listening to Luke Combs new album for most of the day. I love his music and voice. He is coming out with another new album in March on my father’s birthday. I can’t wait.

any thoughts?

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