Lazy Sunday 22012023

Lazy Sunday

I woke up in the middle of the night again to pee and then had a hard time getting back to sleep. It was difficult because my mother got up and I could hear her moving the walker around the place to the bathroom. I kept on keeping an ear out for her or my niece to see if she was ok.

My family had a meeting later in the morning to discuss my mother’s care. We are “assigned” jobs and shit. So stupid. I left when my sister went upstairs to check on my mother. I needed another cup of coffee so bad.

I went to bed after I had the coffee. I slept for a little bit then I got up around 4 to have something to eat. I need to shower and I am trying to muster up the energy for it. It is so hard. I wanted to shower last night but never did. I read instead for an hour or so. It was a short chapter I read. I am halfway through the book. I should be done with it by the end of the month. I hope anyways.

I think tomorrow I am going to change my sheets. It always takes me a few days to do it because I have to muster up the energy to clean off the bed then strip the bed and put new sheets on. It doesn’t take long once I start doing it but I procrastinate the fuck out of it.

I got to write a personal statement for my readmission to UMass/Boston. Only problem is they don’t tell me how long it should be so I don’t know what to write. I also don’t know how detailed it should be. I still need to file a FAFSA as the financial aid office said I could. It would help to get funding from Mass student aid, like grants and scholarships and such. I just hope I can get something to help finance my degree or this is futile.

I got therapy and PT this week. This week is also T week. I also got to go to the Square and pick up my meds. I got to get Latuda which will be $80. I am cringing over the cost of it. The rest of my meds aren’t as expensive and I have been managing my money better. I get paid this week so a lot of my check is going to go toward bills again. I try to save at least $50 a month just for emergencies. I so far didn’t use the money I saved last month. But that was mostly because I don’t have access to it. For some reason the account is not connected to my debit card. I need to go to the bank and get it linked. I will try and do it this week. I don’t think I have appointments on Wed so I might be able to go to the bank then.

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