Saturday Blog 21012023

Saturday Blog 21012023

I watched my mother this morning until my sisters came home from doing their errands. I then went out to do my errand, which was a waste of time because the ingredients I needed for the dish I was making was already in the house. It got me out of the house. It was exhausting though. Walking to the bus stop and then walking the two blocks to the store was tiring me out. I became out of breath and my heart was racing. I had to rest when I got to the store. I did some PT exercises while waiting for the bus. I got my breathing wrong for one of the exercises. I got frustrated and didn’t do it again.

I came home and made my chili cornbread casserole. It is such an easy dish. I made some on the side for me and it was so good. My sister didn’t like it because it was too spicy for her. Oh well, more for me and my barber. I will be giving him the dish on Tues.

I plan on clearing my bed off sometime tonight. I need to do my meds for the week. I haven’t decided if I am going to shower or not today. I am thinking not but I might change my mind. My sister is making fish for supper. I can smell it from my room. She is also making vegetables.

I miss baseball. It is going to be like 30 days for pitchers and catchers to report. I cannot wait. Spring training will be underway in the middle of March. I think the season starts around the time I have surgery so I will be able to watch/hear some games while recovering. I feel so lost without baseball in my life. I can’t believe I missed the last of the season last year because I was in the hospital. I still have no idea when JBJ got traded. I miss him. I am not expecting much this season because we don’t have stellar pitching. In fact, we still have a need for pitchers. I think the rest of the outfield and infield is set. Just hope they stay healthy.

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