Friday’s activities

Friday’s activities

I woke up about a half hour before my delivery came which was perfect timing. I had time to have a cup of coffee. My niece was here so she helped bring the stuff upstairs. I realized after everything was delivered, I forgot to order cornbread mix for the cornbread chili I wanted to make. I will have to go this weekend to the store to get some. I have a cab voucher I can use to get home.

After I made lunch, I was really tired so laid down to sleep for a bit. I had music on so I didn’t sleep too soundly. I had a good rest. I put the rest of the bottles of Powerade away even though one of the bags broke. I had to pick up each bottle and put it away.

I am feeling kind of depressed today. I need to shower but can’t find the energy to do it. I did manage to brush my teeth so I will call that a win. It was crappy out today with snow and rain. It was fitting my mood with the cloudy day. My ribs are still hurting me from carrying a gallon of liquid home yesterday. Carrying the bags up the stairs didn’t help. I had to take ibuprofen in addition to the Robaxin. Hope it helps like it did yesterday. I had to take some Ativan too as I kept on getting spasms.

My mood sucks. Nothing really happened to cause it to be this way but I just feel really down. I still am listening to Taylor Swift. It is really three albums not four. I thought I had Fearless TV but it is not in the playlist. I will have to add it later. I really love the Taylor’s version of her albums. I can’t stop listening to Red TV. Only song that gets me wanting to skip is Ronan because the song is so sad.

I am going to try and change my sheets this weekend. I just hope I can have the energy to do it. It shouldn’t take me long to clear off the bed. Just hope I can find the pillow cases to the sheets I want to use.

any thoughts?

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