weird day

Weird day

I don’t know where time is flying to but I feel like I got up around 11 and somehow it is now 5pm. I had a busy early afternoon with phone calls to make. My Long Term Disability insurance called and so I spent some time talking to them about basically why I can’t work. I tried to get in touch with my aunt who is still in the hospital as far as I know but just got her voicemail. I also tried logging on to the college system to see what courses I need to take but apparently I won’t be in the system until 2/15. I got an email from the person doing my sex change form and apparently they don’t accept copies of the paperwork I sent them. They need originals. So tomorrow I need to mail those out. I luckily have one copy left of the certified name change document. I need to order more. I think I am going to get three of them. I just got to get the money order for them as they don’t take checks.

I also made dinner for my mother. The water for the broccoli took forever to boil. The fish was done before the broccoli was. Oh well. My mother did have some. I didn’t put any seasoning on the broccoli and she ate it anyways.

I found out that registration for the fall is in April so I have time to pick out courses and stuff. I am going to go part time as I think full time would just stress me out and I won’t do well, academically and mentally. My therapist agreed part time would be better. Two classes should be easier to manage. I’m also trying to figure out how to pay for classes if I don’t get financial aid.

I’ve been feeling depressed and tired most of the day. I need to take a shower and just haven’t found the energy to take one. I’ll probably take it tomorrow. My foot is still hurting and my ribs are too. I had messaged my PT about it and she said to put heat on and to do one of the sliding exercises she showed me. It hasn’t really helped too much. Heat has helped though more than anything.

any thoughts?

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