forced myself out

Forced myself out

I woke up with five minutes to spare for my therapy appointment. I should have set an alarm so I could have had coffee before session but I thought I would wake up. I didn’t so I didn’t have coffee. Therapy went ok. We didn’t talk about anything deep as my brain wasn’t thinking too clear. I was also having back spasms so that didn’t help. I told her the events of the weekend and that I got accepted back to college. She said that was huge. I wasn’t feeling it. I think it will become more real once I have the finances to pay for it.

After therapy, I had two cups of coffee. I ran out of half and half so I had to go to the store to get it. I didn’t want to go out but I forced myself to go. It was tiring. My legs felt dead afterwards. I am still resting. I haven’t napped so that is good. I didn’t wear my coat as it was warm. I just wore a light jacket. I added value to my T card as I waited for the bus home.

My foot has been hurting me since 0630. I haven’t taken anything for it because there is really nothing for me to take. I no longer have my pain meds. I can only take gabapentin. It just dulls the pain. I will take some before bed so it will help me sleep.

I am going to try and finish reading my book today. I have just one more chapter and then the conclusion. I already picked out the next book I plan on reading. I just hope that I don’t knock things over when I get the book. It is a baseball book about the Sox. I look forward to reading it.

any thoughts?

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