Surgeon appt and other things

I had the pre op appt with my surgeon today. He told me I will need to move around after surgery to prevent blood clots because I am overweight. He said I needed the surgery. The secretary is going to get the final okays from my pcp and mental health teams. I had Anesthesia call today. Was told what to stop and take a week before surgery and the day of. I am surprised they aren’t having me shower with the stuff I had to when I had my hysterectomy. I texted my sister the time of my surgery. I have to be at the hospital at 530 for 8am op. Eighteen days. I am so excited.

After my appt, I did some food shopping as I needed half and half. I then picked up my scripts as they were finally ready. I only waited all week for them.

I came home and the dramatic aunt was over. I put the things away and my mother gets sick. She hasn’t moved her bowels in a week. She goes to her bedroom. I give her some stuff to make her puke. Half hour later she is puking again. My aunt is having a heart attack and I am getting angry with her. I called the hospice nurse as I didn’t know what to do. I gave her some Zofran. The nurse said I could give her some Haldol but that would knock her out. I figured if the Zofran didn’t work, then I would try the Haldol. She didn’t eat lunch. She was able to have dinner. Half a turkey sandwich. Her sugar is still high but is coming down. I am wicked worried. Then her other sister called after the drama queen left and I nearly lost my temper. My mother was sleeping finally. Leave the fucking woman alone.

I had a hard time settling down last night. I read two chapters of the Adler book and it didn’t help because the chapters were short. I read them in like 20 minutes. I did wake up early today. I am tired but wired. I will probably read another two chapters tonight. It is good reading.

2 thoughts on “Surgeon appt and other things

  1. I’m so excited for you! I know this surgery has been a long time coming. Sorry your aunt was over causing drama, and making you angry. I hope your mom will be ok tonight. Xoxo


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