Another sleepless night 01032023

I woke up around 0240 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I took some meds because my foot was bothering me. I also was getting spasms in my leg. I did some bicep curls to do some exercise. It helped take my mind off things.

I got out of being lazy and put the extra dose of antidepressant in my med box for the remainder of the week. I didn’t think I had enough, but I did. Later today, after the hospice nurse leaves, I’ll go to the pharmacy and get my prescriptions. I might go to Starbucks, too. I am craving a mocha. I will need the espresso for PT. I am hoping she will let me use the treadmill at an incline as I keep having trouble walking uphill. I get really short of breath.

I sent an email to the financial aid office at UMB. I hope they can tell me what else I’ve been awarded if anything so I can plan on what classes to take. Right now I am thinking of taking Italian 101 and college algebra. I don’t think I can handle four classes so I am just taking two, maybe a third as I have to take a world culture class but not sure I can take Ital 101 and 100 at the same time. I changed the advising meeting because it conflicted with PT. Hopefully, that will be my last PT session.

I am so tired but I just cannot sleep. I keep worrying about my mother and household bills. I really wonder how I am going to afford things once she goes and afford college. I am thinking of going on a payment plan but not sure how much I will need to pay. It overwhelms me but I want to get my degree really bad. Sadly, my mother is not going to be around when I graduate. That is a hard reality for me. It makes me really sad.

any thoughts?

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