where the shadows live

Where the shadows live

I went to see my TG doc today. The appointment went well. I don’t have to see her unless my pcp has concerns. She is letting my pcp run things from now on as I am on a stable dose of T. I go for blood work next week as I couldn’t go last week.

I am three weeks post op. My chest is feeling full because it has swollen up. I am feeling tired. Going to the hospital and coming home took a lot out of me. Tomorrow I need to go to the dentist. I plan on taking Ativan before the appointment in case they need to pull my tooth. I am so nervous.

I am so tired. I walked a lot as I went to Starbucks after my appointment. My foot hurts. I took some ibuprofen for it and for the swelling in my chest. The swelling is so uncomfortable. I can’t wait till it goes down. I am only three weeks post op so hopefully as time goes on it will be less. I am still doing regular activities except housework. I was told not to do that because it will keep my wound open. I have been trying to keep my arm by my side to not open it but the wound is closing, slowly. I think by next week I will just be able to put bacitracin on it. The nurse called and will be here in the morning to change the bandage.

The temp supposedly went up to 60 today but with the wind, it felt much colder than that. I didn’t wear a jacket. I only had short sleeves on so I was cold. Thankfully, I wore jeans or I really would have froze. It is cool in my room so I shut the fan off. My allergies are killing me. I have post nasal drip really bad and my eyes keep watering. I hate spring time because of allergies.

One of my favorite pitchers is pitching tonight. He is just coming back from Tommy John surgery and hasn’t had good outings since his return. I feel bad for him. I hope he will pitch well tonight. I haven’t decided if I am going to listen to the game or just follow it on Twitter. I am tired and spent. I want to go to bed but I know if I go to sleep now, I will be up around 1 or 2 am. I set my alarm for 8am so that I can be up when the nurse gets here. I am glad she is coming early because I have to take my shot before I leave for my dentist appointment.

any thoughts?

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