Saturday Blog 29042023

Saturday Blog 29042023

I woke up around 5 to pee and had a difficult time going back to sleep. I woke up to my med alarm and then just shut it off only to wake up again to use the bathroom a couple hours later. I should have stayed up as I woke up feeling wicked exhausted, like I didn’t sleep at all. I had coffee last night before the game so I could listen to  them lose. It was awful last night.

I made chicken with roasted red potatoes for a late lunch/dinner. I had made the chicken perfect. It was so tender and juicy. The potatoes weren’t done yet. I let them cook for another half hour before taking them out. It has become my favorite dish to make.

It is cold in my room as the wind is howling. I had to shut the fan off. I thought about showering but I really don’t feel like it. I took the binder off for about an hour as I was sick of it. It was digging into me so I needed a break. My right side is still pretty flat. The left has some swelling in the armpit area where I am sore. I don’t know if it is fluid or just swollen due to the binder. I hope I don’t have to wear this thing for long. I am more than 30 days post op now. I am happy with the results. I have a large amount of glue stuff where the wound opened up. Going to be a bitch to get it off. The scab on my left nipple still hasn’t fallen off. It is being stubborn. I put some Aquaphor on it today as it felt rough. I put it on both nipples. Not sure if I should put a bandage on them. I will ask Tues when I go to the clinic again.

I am still feeling pretty sad and tearful at times. I dreamt about being in the hospital again. I’ve been trying to think of my mother less but it has been hard. It’s been really difficult to push past the fatigue I feel today to do what needed to be done. I still haven’t brushed my teeth yet. I think I will after the game. I am so tired. I don’t think I am going to be up late tonight. Going to bed when I take my meds at 8 seems likely. I hate to go to bed that early but I feel so lifeless.

any thoughts?

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