A cold and rainy end to April in Boston

A cold and rainy end to April

Today is cold and raw and rainy. Baseball game doesn’t have too many hits. It has been a quiet game so far. I hope the Sox start tacking on runs to support Sale. He has been pitching well today despite the weather conditions.

I had a dream about my mother. She was in the kitchen hollering to me about a chair. I have no idea what she was talking about. I ignored her and ate a bag of chips in my room. I woke up feeling sad. I have been trying to ignore how I feel but it hasn’t worked. I don’t think it ever does. The feelings just creep on you and then show their face whenever you aren’t expecting it.

It’s cold in my room and I think it is making me just want to stay under the covers. I don’t want to do anything. I haven’t showered since Wed. I did brush my teeth today. I also did last night before bed. I need to change my bandage. I just don’t want to do nothing. I have therapy tomorrow. I don’t know if I want to see her again this week or not. I guess I will decide tomorrow. I got to go to the clinic on Tues to have my chest checked again. I have some swelling under my armpit that I hope is just from the binder and not fluid. My right was pretty flat yesterday. I haven’t taken the binder off today. I am still debating showering. It might help my allergies and headache I have if I take a nice hot shower. Might also warm me up some. I got to find some soap that I like. I had a shower gel that is nice but my niece used it. I prefer to use soap as it is easier for me. I know it dries your skin but when you hate showering, you want something fast rather than rinsing a loofah thing.

I started reading Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. It is good so far. I only read a chapter. I plan on reading more tonight before bed. For dinner I plan on making some turkey bacon for a sandwich. I got to make it before it goes bad. Just hope I have American cheese.

any thoughts?

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