pt and therapy and a sore arm

PT and therapy and a sore arm

I reluctantly went to therapy today. I had sent her a note saying I didn’t feel like coming. She was surprised I showed up anyway. We talked about my friend who is having a hard time and about coping skills. I said that I would send him a thing on DBT skills to see if that helps him. Then we talked briefly about how my sister misgendered me all weekend.

I went to PT and she dry needled my arm. It is so sore. My pec muscles were very tight and she massaged them. She also massaged my neck which felt good. I didn’t realize it was so tight. She gave me a couple of new exercises for my arm to do.

Turns out I don’t have a UTI like I thought. Why I have been going pee so much and it hurting  me is a mystery. I am on my third day of the urinary pain pills. I plan on taking them for another day and then try and stop them to see if things have settled down. I am not in a good mood about this. It is making me depressed. I don’t know what my pcp is going to do or if I am just going to be left to my own devices. I’ll find out tomorrow I guess.

Sunday blog 28112021

Sunday Blog 28112021

Happy Hannukah to those that celebrate! Wishing you eight days of peace and happiness.

I am not having a good day. My sister called me an asshole today because I basically cath. The last few times I have voided have been a disaster cath wise as the urge to pee overwhelms the cathing and urine goes everywhere. I tried to clean it up but obviously missed a spot for Mrs. Clean. This UTI that I have is torture. I am peeing like every half hour and shitting with each piss so my ass is quite sore. I forgot to take the urinary pain pills this morning with my meds. I have peed myself twice today. I wish the pills would kick in already. It hurts so much to go. I am canceling my appointment with the dentist tomorrow if I am still like this. No way I can sit through getting my teeth drilled while trying to hold my pee. It just isn’t going to happen.

I slept till 3pm today. I don’t ever remember sleeping this late. I didn’t feel like going to the pharmacy to get my meds today. I wasn’t able to fill my med boxes with all the meds but I will do that tomorrow. Hopefully the pharmacy will have my BT in stock and will fill my prescription. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. I plan on doing it before bed as I didn’t brush yesterday. I am really bad about brushing my teeth. Hence why I need to get my teeth filled.

I feel really depressed because of the pain I am in. I took a BT med for the urethral pain because it was so bad. I need to go into town tomorrow to get my urine tested. I am thinking of taking a Uber there so that I will be there faster than the T. It depends on how I feel and if I feel like I can hold it.

I just have therapy and PT on Tuesday. I can’t wait to talk to my therapist about my sister. It is really upsetting because she also has been misgendering me this whole week. I can’t wait till she gets back to work so I don’t have to deal with her.

Saturday Blog 27112021

I was up so I watched the OSUvsMich game. It is in the 4th quarter and OSU is losing. Xichigan defense is better than in past years so it has been a tight game instead of a blowout I was expecting.

The 3rd vaccine is giving me side effects. I have a 99.6 temp and chills. I took some tylenol. Both arms are sore today and I just feel lousy. I was up during the night because I had to go pee and then couldn’t settle down. I woke up again around 8 to pee again because I got thirsty when I was up.

I wanted to pick up my meds but I don’t feel like going out. I will pick them up tomorrow. I don’t fill my med boxes until then anyways. I feel tempted to take a BT med right now because my broken arm is hurting so much. I put on a long sleeve shirt and as I was pulling down the shirt I aggravated my shoulder. Damn thing hates movement right now. I also aggravated my muscles. I hate put heat on while I was having my 2nd cup of coffee.

I’m just laying low right now. I am going to nap and hope I feel better.