Busy Monday 23012023

Busy Monday

I kept myself busy today and avoided going back to bed after I got up. I cleared off my bed in spurts. I can now change my sheets. I washed my comforter. It is in the dryer now. I haven’t brought it up yet. I had two cups of coffee and I was still tired. I kept moving though so I wouldn’t lie down on my bed.

I made supper for my mother and lunch. Her sugar was low at supper time and she took insulin anyway so now I need to watch her to make sure she doesn’t go hypo on me. She did have rice at dinner so I am hoping that helps raise her sugar some. Diabetes is a bitch.

For some reason, all my clothes was on my bed. I separated my every day clothes from my summer clothes. I found more underwear on my bed. I was wondering what had happened to them as before I was in the hospital I had bought more. Now I don’t have to struggle to find underwear. I also found a couple of T-shirts that were buried in the pile. I still haven’t found my “don’t interrupt me when talking to myself” shirt. I have no idea where that is. I am sure when I am looking for something else, I will find it.

I read my book for two hours last night. It was a long chapter. I have four more chapters and I think I can finish the book this week if I read a chapter a day. Since the hospitalization in the psych ward, I haven’t been able to multitask too much. I cannot listen to music and read at the same time like I used to. I hate this as it was relaxing listening to music and to read a book. But for some reason it literally causes my brain to hurt. I also cannot concentrate when music is playing. I hate it.

I have been listening to Luke Combs new album for most of the day. I love his music and voice. He is coming out with another new album in March on my father’s birthday. I can’t wait.

Lazy Sunday 22012023

Lazy Sunday

I woke up in the middle of the night again to pee and then had a hard time getting back to sleep. It was difficult because my mother got up and I could hear her moving the walker around the place to the bathroom. I kept on keeping an ear out for her or my niece to see if she was ok.

My family had a meeting later in the morning to discuss my mother’s care. We are “assigned” jobs and shit. So stupid. I left when my sister went upstairs to check on my mother. I needed another cup of coffee so bad.

I went to bed after I had the coffee. I slept for a little bit then I got up around 4 to have something to eat. I need to shower and I am trying to muster up the energy for it. It is so hard. I wanted to shower last night but never did. I read instead for an hour or so. It was a short chapter I read. I am halfway through the book. I should be done with it by the end of the month. I hope anyways.

I think tomorrow I am going to change my sheets. It always takes me a few days to do it because I have to muster up the energy to clean off the bed then strip the bed and put new sheets on. It doesn’t take long once I start doing it but I procrastinate the fuck out of it.

I got to write a personal statement for my readmission to UMass/Boston. Only problem is they don’t tell me how long it should be so I don’t know what to write. I also don’t know how detailed it should be. I still need to file a FAFSA as the financial aid office said I could. It would help to get funding from Mass student aid, like grants and scholarships and such. I just hope I can get something to help finance my degree or this is futile.

I got therapy and PT this week. This week is also T week. I also got to go to the Square and pick up my meds. I got to get Latuda which will be $80. I am cringing over the cost of it. The rest of my meds aren’t as expensive and I have been managing my money better. I get paid this week so a lot of my check is going to go toward bills again. I try to save at least $50 a month just for emergencies. I so far didn’t use the money I saved last month. But that was mostly because I don’t have access to it. For some reason the account is not connected to my debit card. I need to go to the bank and get it linked. I will try and do it this week. I don’t think I have appointments on Wed so I might be able to go to the bank then.

Saturday Blog 21012023

Saturday Blog 21012023

I watched my mother this morning until my sisters came home from doing their errands. I then went out to do my errand, which was a waste of time because the ingredients I needed for the dish I was making was already in the house. It got me out of the house. It was exhausting though. Walking to the bus stop and then walking the two blocks to the store was tiring me out. I became out of breath and my heart was racing. I had to rest when I got to the store. I did some PT exercises while waiting for the bus. I got my breathing wrong for one of the exercises. I got frustrated and didn’t do it again.

I came home and made my chili cornbread casserole. It is such an easy dish. I made some on the side for me and it was so good. My sister didn’t like it because it was too spicy for her. Oh well, more for me and my barber. I will be giving him the dish on Tues.

I plan on clearing my bed off sometime tonight. I need to do my meds for the week. I haven’t decided if I am going to shower or not today. I am thinking not but I might change my mind. My sister is making fish for supper. I can smell it from my room. She is also making vegetables.

I miss baseball. It is going to be like 30 days for pitchers and catchers to report. I cannot wait. Spring training will be underway in the middle of March. I think the season starts around the time I have surgery so I will be able to watch/hear some games while recovering. I feel so lost without baseball in my life. I can’t believe I missed the last of the season last year because I was in the hospital. I still have no idea when JBJ got traded. I miss him. I am not expecting much this season because we don’t have stellar pitching. In fact, we still have a need for pitchers. I think the rest of the outfield and infield is set. Just hope they stay healthy.

Friday’s activities

Friday’s activities

I woke up about a half hour before my delivery came which was perfect timing. I had time to have a cup of coffee. My niece was here so she helped bring the stuff upstairs. I realized after everything was delivered, I forgot to order cornbread mix for the cornbread chili I wanted to make. I will have to go this weekend to the store to get some. I have a cab voucher I can use to get home.

After I made lunch, I was really tired so laid down to sleep for a bit. I had music on so I didn’t sleep too soundly. I had a good rest. I put the rest of the bottles of Powerade away even though one of the bags broke. I had to pick up each bottle and put it away.

I am feeling kind of depressed today. I need to shower but can’t find the energy to do it. I did manage to brush my teeth so I will call that a win. It was crappy out today with snow and rain. It was fitting my mood with the cloudy day. My ribs are still hurting me from carrying a gallon of liquid home yesterday. Carrying the bags up the stairs didn’t help. I had to take ibuprofen in addition to the Robaxin. Hope it helps like it did yesterday. I had to take some Ativan too as I kept on getting spasms.

My mood sucks. Nothing really happened to cause it to be this way but I just feel really down. I still am listening to Taylor Swift. It is really three albums not four. I thought I had Fearless TV but it is not in the playlist. I will have to add it later. I really love the Taylor’s version of her albums. I can’t stop listening to Red TV. Only song that gets me wanting to skip is Ronan because the song is so sad.

I am going to try and change my sheets this weekend. I just hope I can have the energy to do it. It shouldn’t take me long to clear off the bed. Just hope I can find the pillow cases to the sheets I want to use.