4 thoughts on “Being censored

  1. I tried that with this blog and unfortunately, my information was published in a newsletter, without my permission so lost my anonymity. Damn newsletter even had my photo on my author page. I told them to take it down but I am sure back pages can lead to it once again


  2. In technical terms (computers) protocols are “rules governing the exchange or transmission of data”. I have certain rules that keep this identity, and this site from touching any of the other, more or less “real” ones that lead back to my actual identity. That’s what I meant.


  3. Not sure what you mean by protocols, but I am not about to start a new blog. I just know in the future not to give out my blog address. Unfortunately, my blog is linked to my author page so I will be found no matter what if people search me. Like you said, internet records everything


  4. This is why I defend my anonymity as much as possible. Create a whole new life: new name, new pics, new email, new social media accounts, and never let them touch the “real” ones out there. There is no safety except in isolation. And, well, I’ve found trusting to be too dangerous. Unfortunate? Probably. But if you need a place to vent and really say the things that DEMAND saying….you must be strict with your protocols on the internet. If you are not, it will find you. The internet records everything.


any thoughts?

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